Sunday, 2 February 2014

Procedure generation

 I was wondering why there is not so much procedure generated games, I mean not like Diablo when they just mix some level parts and items parameters or like borderlands when they just make bazzilions of guns, Im talking about when you involve so much procedure generation when game can be played for example you can generate persons and items of interest for quest, you can even mix situation and places, for example you can have a template of a quest with several variations of problem solutions main characters and level based parameters, and starting from this you can make bazzilion quests, but wait there is more, just have some random spots for NPCs and other locations plus random level locations plus random item generation plus quests generation plus main story and you have different game have problems with using this methodology by several reasons for like, hard balancing, hard testing, more each time you run it, it will increase playtime and replay rates. I know for modern developers they work to do when player will get only part of it in a first play, but for balance, you can balance the generation process just take 1-2 programmers just for making procedure generated parts so they will try to make it balanced from the beginning, for testing, you can just make a public beta tests with online automatic data collection process, as for the  problem with amount of work to do to fill the generator well, its depends on what you want to do, good game, or just game that will sell itself.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk