Friday, 7 February 2014

Just some Sci-fi story

Story begins when first mars colony find the crystal, rare glowing mineral with really complex structure, after some research scientists find out that if you put that crystal in a specific magnetic field with special parameters, you know science stuff and so, and if you put around a copper wire its become a perfect block for dynamo engine, it works for some time, depends on magnetic field the stronger field less time and more power and in other way less power more time. And all this story starts from this mineral, after years of development mars become more and more efficient and start to become less controllable from Earth goverment and blah blah long story short, on the highest level of cold war between mars and earth, on earth starts apocalyptic scenario all nuclear missiles that was controled by new super duper mega smart AI shot right into the sky and wipe out entire earth, on mars in the main time it all shows up like a civil war on earth and some malfunction that cause this disaster, so mars send some expeditions and help to earth but soon when they have reach the planet mars lose signal from them, with no reason. After some tests mars decide to research this phenomena they send automatic zonds, but anything that you send to earth stop working. to be continued...

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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