Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Keyboard with Oculus rift

So we now have this ):
But, there is a problem with keyboard, you now, its hard to spot it in virtual life, so I had an idea how we can solve it, not ideal but cheap and fast:
We need a keyboard and a trackerline like this, not very precise (precise are not so cheap :) ):

Awesome design! I know I know its gorgeous. So it mas be not very precise cheap and able to being setup to any keyboard (its important), I think you already have an idea of what is going on, but if you dont follow the rabbit. Now we need a program that will render a virtual keyboard on screen and track position of hand or hands, only wrist just to show where hand is hovered around and second point is, any key that beign pressed change his color, something like this:

So on picture we see where our jands are not prcise but its enough for our brain to navigate further and find what letter do we need, and also its recomended to be able for blind typing, this keyboard must be able to be invoked on hotkey that we must be able to set up (on mouse or key on keyboard, or even a voice command) position of keyboard and apperiance of keyboard and hands must be changable for comfort usage and also we need to be able to control transparency level of keyboard and hands icons and invoke situation, hotkey, or any key is pressed, or for example make it disappear if key was pressed and now holding on, like W for going forward and so on.

So what we have in result: cheap solution to know is our hands are over keyboard, what key was pressed and where our hands are, and again its cheap and working with any system and with any keyboard, the obly problem I think will be overlay for games, it can lower performance a little bit, but hey! You now have a virtual keyboard just like in a cyberpunk movies! Cheers :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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