Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Post apocalyptic park

Imagine some huge territory destroyed by the war ( Donbass  region will fit for now ) that can be turned into park for fans of post apocalyptic atmosphere where you can hunt, survive and make cool movies with real decoration and feelings. Of course monetize it with tickets and stuff like that.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Human experiment

Imagine huge big room where molecules of food is spread in air. I mean meat or potation small molecules in gas state. It is interesting to know does human body like plants on long time will absorb this molecular through skin for feeding or not ?

Planet life

We all searching life on other planets and now we quite unsuccessful. But what if every planet have life from perspective of 4th dimension.  I mean in some period of Universe life every planet have it own life but at same time there is no other planet with life. Life on the exact planet can be only one solution of hard life function. But for robot civilization it is possible to have life for example on mars or moon. For humans or batteries or plants its sound unreal.

Game Idea: Underwater Fruits

Imagine worms that build underwater submarines from fruits like watermelon or melon and do some investigation finding alien insects

Game Idea: Crafting

Crafting in modern games absolutely not realistic. I mean it looks more like trading where resources needed to build something is money and blueprint is trader. Also there is no fun of real crafting where you can do something in may ways or replace one components with the other and have logical structure of what you doing like actual design do. The only way to really craft something inside game - circuit simulation algorithm where you can build some scheme and test in on your pc or coding. But of course it is much more complicated to make and may not be popular because of complexity. Probably it can be replaces with some kind of LEGO or PlusPlus idea where crafting is simplified  a lot for people.