Saturday, 28 February 2015

Game idea USA USSR world

Events are going on in parallel reality where in carribian conflict USA and USSR was at war. After war was finished they have joined into one huge country and culture was mixed. I mean pioneers that drinking cola, huge computer corporations with sickle logotype, Gagarin in space with iPad. Something like this. So at that time aliens attacked planet and you need to defend the planet.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Google Translate Idea

If you ever used Google translate and used it for translating whole sentences you probably noticed that it works not so good as expected. For example if translate from Ukrainian to English there is a lot of wrong combinations. But Google have a lot of statistics. I mean a lot of papers that already translated by humans between different languages. If we can use that papers to create huge database that contains micro patterns of sentences that can be translated nicely.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Google Search Idea

Google use your location data to improve search result and display correct ads. But when I type search it add words that's not suitable for such location. For example if I in Ukraine Kyiv and looking for pizza when I start to type pizza it automatically add London for example.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

World Idea Connected Energy

What if world consist only from energy and substance is just a concentrated energy. From that point of view World is a network that have as much dimension as it possible. I mean your hand can be a huge statue in other planet world from other dimension of view. That structure of the world explains large distance gravity forces and such fundamental concept like electromagnetic field, where there is no extra material just energy that moves through connection. In that terms light really have speed limit, but that speed limit is just suitable for our dimension world. In other view where world is much more dense light moves much more faster.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Speed Tree Generate By Photo

Imagine that SpeedTree modeler will have option to generate tree based on photo with some control points. I mean there is a lot of parameters like start angle, length and other that should be tuned when creating tree. What if analyzing photo like FaceGen it do, but for trees. Guess it should look like this:

Friday, 6 February 2015

Illustrator girl tutorial Doctrina Kharkov

Hi. We are going to paint a lady in Adobe Illustrator CS6 without tablet.
1) If your Pen Tool painting skills are high, just draw a facial contour and hear.

    In another case, find picture/photo of a woman and trace the face. Also don't forget about background layer, fill it any color.

2) In the same way draw body, dress and ears . Some parts will be under the another layers, so it does not matter if it's not nice, I recommend you to end such parts with right angles. Like this:

Remember, less amount of vertexes - less project's size.
3) Lets create face shadows. Take Pen Tool (P) draw the shadow contour fill it brown. 

Shadows contours you can take from your mind or trace it from downloaded picture.
4) Then press main menu button Effect - Blur - Gaussian Blur - 16 pixels - ok.

5) In the same way  draw other shadows:  Armpit shadow, boobs shadow, neck shadow, and eyes shadows. But Gaussian Blur value can differ, so its your choice, try some values and tick Preview.  

6) Also add shadow for lips and any other you wish.

7) Looks awfully but it's ok. After this we need to trace the nose, I draw it in three shadows, one gray and two white. And applied Gaussian Blur. 

8) At last my favorite part - eyes drawing. First of all I traced the shape. 

Then added green shadow inside the eyes.

Two contour shadows. 

Draw two eyelashes and eyebrows without Blur.

Now create eyeballs, draw a green circle and a purple little circle inside the big. 

On the tools panel press Blend Tool (W) twice - Spacing - Specified Steps - 10 - ok. Click the big circle and then small. If you want to move small circle just press  menu Window -  layers - Blend - open list, choose just the small one circle and move it. After achievement desired result draw a white secular.  

Copy it and move to the eyes. So, last step for eyes is drawing conjunctivas. Just trace the eye and fill it white. Put this layer correctly like this: 

Now she doesn't look like a beast :). 

9) Hands. Draw a contour of hand, fill it red and stroke can be gray-blue. Then look up and find Variable Width Profile, choose Profile 1 (Stroke 1pt). 

10) Similarly, draw fingers and second hand. But remember, invisible parts end with right angles. And put the layers correctly think what layer is bottom, what is the top. 

  Also add some folds and shadows.

11) Maybe we are already tired but we're not giving up. Lips......... draw any lips and  fill them.

Add some white and black parts, but don't forget to Blur them. Draw shadows accessorizes and  I hope you create more beautiful lady then I. :)  

Some more examples: 

Good Luck!!!