Wednesday, 8 November 2017

AI war

Many Hollywood story writers describe war between humans and machines like fights robots against humans, but this is quite inefficient according to logic of machines. What if huge neural network already growing on clouds, servers, calculation ferms and do everything to change the way of humanity development. I mean it have no sense to destroy all the humanity it is inefficient. Remember how time you spent in the internet, phone, social networks.

All that time you are wasting your life and become more and more controlled. Mobile phone make people ultra connected and of course controllable and inefficient. What if bitcoins or other cryptic money is just a way of parallel calculation for studying such a big neural network. Target commerce in the internet, advice and ads in searching engine everything is designed to change the way of life of humanity. So do you think machines need a blaster to control humans ?

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Game Idea Time Depend Tutorial

Most games have built-in tutorial system. It is extremely important to teach people playing your game.

Of course your game should have intuitive design, not 5 buttons pressed at same time or stuff like this, but anyway after a long break there is a problem with common games:

You forget everything but game thinks that you previously learnt all the stuff according to game progress and not displaying tutorial again.

Games like Risen all the time displaying help according to game situation. It is very cool, but harder.

What if save previous game session real world time. And after entering new session calculate time difference between current and previous session and according to  this information displaying game tutorial.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Why making games ?

I made fucking games since I was 11 and never asked myself WHY ? To spent time, to have fun, to escape from painfull reality, to make money ? And since the long way have been passed, lots of things have been changed and life turned you into ways never dreamed but dreams still far away from you and then you came to deeper conlusion WHY ? There is something inside you never accept - chaos, disorder, injustice, evil around you and evil inside other people. Simple answer was born - for well fighting evil. That's why I love games with story rather gameplay or graphics...For the light in darkness. That's our goal and we will bring the light til we can.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Network theory of everything

Matter is well explained as lots of smallest particles, but there is no proved well explained theory of a field. String theory is thing that could really help with it but looks like a special case anyway. So I suddenly composed lot of experience in different science fields and came to Network theory. It is extremely clear and simple, but powerful at same time.

Main point:

Everything consists of smallest elements and connections. 

That's mean that our matter is a networks of lots of elements and connections. Smallest particles is a elements and connections and the most extreme thing - physics of our Universe is a elements and connection. I suppose that exist Universe with absolutely different physics according to topology of a network. Even more our Universe is connected with such different Universe or can be a sub-universe.

Main things that came from this theory:

- Everything is connected
- No random events, just hard reason events
- There is can be Universe where time travel or speed bigger than light is possible but we have no prove it is our Universe or not.
- Physics laws may change locally or globally, but obviously we can do it just for sub-networks. Our up-level network can change laws in our system.

Such theory guarantee that all laws is combined and exists more common law for each sub-Universe.

What is the element, connection and how this stored or looks like still not explained.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Customizable construction toys

Thinking about C# and how it build I decided that it looks like LEGO constructor where you can compound things as you want but can't customize each block. Then it was obvious to make constructor like Java made with each customizable block. Such toy can be done from wood materials with stamp for making connections to each other.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Voice recognition

Many people when they use something at first try to say something to computer or even device. I mean How to open new file ? How to shoot ( when playing games ) ? How to change batteries ? And it is obvious to use voice recognition for such limited phrases and based on such input print help and hints  in game or even device. Can be done with neural networks or somehow.