Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Neural Network Art

Create random generated colored noise. Learn a neural network on several cool artists pictures by couple of neighbours at every point of picture. Process random generated noise with learned NN. New cool abstract art.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Neural Network Customization

Character customization is a common practice in game development, mostly in RPG games. But most randomly generated characters looks strange, weird or uninteresting. Because of generators of characters have parameters such as head type, haircut type, eyes type they can be input parameters of neural network. The result parameter is value of interesting of a person. Of course such training should be based on human judgment ( 3d/2d artist ). So we can generate a character over and over again til we've got expected interesting level.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

IT Office

It is common problem for all IT workers is spending a little time under the sun. Even freelancers stay home, work at night, sleep til dinner. But sun is a great part of vitamin generation and body health. So is good idea to make office at penthouse with automatic glass panels that opens at summer time. It is also cool to see rain under such panels.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Clean Robot

Create robots that collect plastic garbage. They travel over forests, dumps, cities and collect garbage. Then recycle it on local plant. They work on sun energy.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Game Idea: Little World

Imagine that you can play as insects: ants, Colorado beetle, caterpillar, chafer. You can choose by whom you can play. All insects have special abilities like flying, ground digging, group fight. You can improve your skills. Main goal is to extend your population and complete unique guild quest. It is a RPG game. You share same little world of little creatures.

Game Idea: Hurt

You are playing as hurt. You pump blood through veins by touching screen. Your problems is : thrombus, viruses, insults. You should keep rhythm to keep body healthy.

Game Idea: Other

You are an alien, but you have usual human look. You have special abilities like see trough the walls, flying, super speed. You are working as an average manager. Your task is to save the planet from invasion of other alien fraction. When you use special abilities you loose scores.

Game Idea: Aquarium

 You have an aquarium and your favorite fish. You can customize its size, look and shape. Also you buy fish and feed them. You should control light, food, level of dirtiness, plants. You can install application as live wallpaper. If you don't feed the fish they die. Fish can hunt each other.

Game Idea: Monkey

You are a monkey in India and you hunt for a food instead of woman bags. Also you join a pride, fight against monkey clans. You can jump over trees and show funny faces. It is very important to use cool animation here.

Mobile App Idea: What to cook?

Enter a list of available products in freezer. Receive a list of dishes that can be cooked with such ingredients with photos, videos, receipts.

Detective, adventure, quest template for procedural generator.

 We need to have and adventure game with replayable content that will be interested for people, so here I will begin from basics. This approach can be scaled or cut or changet setting dont mean anything, but the idea behind it! Here the story is.

 Main character woke up from a (coma, stasis, medical injury, hangover, accident, experiment) he dont remember anything about himself. He see himself in a random suit that gives zero clues to say who he is or whom he was. 
 He found himself on some kind of a (space station, naval base, spaceship, ship, city, camp, lab ...) and there is noone, he is alone. It seems to be that this place was (left behind, wiped out, clearet by force, massacred, just empty).

 Searching around the territory, he found some clues about what happened here (see list), and whom or what was the reason of that, and also he finds out the information about characters that was involved in that situation (see list).

 Main character decides to help himself to get out from here, but for this he need to do (see list), and the point is that different actions will bring different results, so he need to chose wise what to do according to his suggestions who he is.
 The end of story TRULY depends on actions of a hero and on a storyteller (algorithm).

Example table of connections

What happened here

alien Invasion 
failed experiment 
computer crashes 
prison escape 


police officer
security guard

Actions to do

fix the radio and send Signalling disaster 
engine repair popytatsya ubratsya here 
repair system for generating oxygen 
release the virus 
start the self-destruct 
launch missiles 
download data 
transfer data 
prvoesti exeperimental until the end 
destroy all the data on experimentation 
batten down the hatches

and so on.

we write a list of an templates stories, adding characters to it adding actions and clues, selecting locations an zones, and what actions will do. Then each start we select one story shuffle that can be shuffled like who the main character is he an security guard that was injured and now woke up, or he is an escaped prisoner that was hitted in a head and now lose all his memory, or he is an coveret agent or even an alien in a human body and he need to wipe out the planet so he need to launch nuclear rockets from this base. Or he is a serial psycho killer that keiiled everyone on this ship and now he need to find a way to escape from this ship so no one will find him.

Victory status will depends on who is character where he is and what he need to do to win.

I hope you enjoyed the concept, and if you ask, yes I think it can be done, if you will not try to make a first person AAA game on based concept and sta in cozy and warm indie style and push not the graphs but storyline and gameplay.

Andriy "Ater" Goncharuk

Coding Idea

As all we know there are a lot of coding methods: procedural coding, object-oriented coding, functional, reflective, meta. But as I noticed each method is good in specific field. Of course any code can be done with all of them according to theorems of Boolean logic. But I want to share my own experience in this. I noticed that procedural coding is good when you create app about something that was madden by humans like house customisation apps. Imagine house. There is no inheritance at all. House is consist of bricks, windows and doors. No inheritance. Other thing is when we want to create some nature based stuff like creatures ( cows, pigs, dogs or flowers, trees etc. ).  There are a lot of object oriented stuff that can be used. Especially in video games development. Same things you work with data. If it is a human created data there can be problems with OOP. In games you can't use a lot of patterns good for data manipulation.

Simulation idea: Physics based

Create one unified calculation device that process real time ray tracing, physics simulation, sound generation engine that used for gaming and simulation software. Remove such things like CPU, GPU, shaders, video memory, sound processor.  Only physical properties of an objects are taking value.

Game idea: Shadows of the past

Leave dead bodies of fail playing. So when you restart a level you can see places where you have failed. And all changes that was madden into level stored too. If you restart a lot of times you can see a lot of changes.

Horror game

Imagine this kind of a story plus gameplay for a horror game:

It goes with a first person mode (ofc) in a car when you driven in a taxi to your old far friend far away from city to big mansion (well that was unexpected for a horror, big mansion :) ) you walk in and meet your frined he shows you hist big house with all rooms and so, (its important for game, you learn a little bit of house for future gameplay) then its come close to evening and you go sleeping, you woke up in a middle of a night cause hear some scratching that really annoying you trying to go back to sleep but its really really annoying, so you go to check what is the source of it, but the enxt step you make you step in to the bear trap a big and strong one, that break your legs, and here the game begins:) the main idea of a game and a horror part that you are crippled you cannot jump climb fast or go fast you can only crawl very slow and a little bit faster for short period of a time and sometimes (randomly) you loose your consciousness after several seconds of an shock you woke up and trying to get to your phone on a desk, but bext second you hear someone is going to your room and for some reason you decide to hide, you crawl really fast under a bed and wait a little bit, than your frined come in and start searching you, you understand that you have no chance and he will find you, but then you hear alarm, someone someone break the security perimeter so alaram goes wild and your friend say something like, ook ok fine I need to check out who the hell is coming, and that he will find you anyway and eat you (yup he is a not normal person :) ) so you now scared, I hope, at least you character is, and now your target to find your way out from this house that will be filled with traps and your "friend" that will search you, and yes first thing that he do when he walks into your room he takes your cell phone (ofc).
The main point of a game that you are disabled for moest of a game, your camera is low and close to the floor everything a little bit different from what you saw when everything was ok:) so this game trying to work with your prime fear when you small, when you disabled, and someone hunting you and you cant fight back, you can hid in a places where normal person cant, but to get some stuff you nned to solve some kind of a puzzles like take this item and then throw it to the point when it collide whith item that you need but cant reach and it will fall to you, but you must do make less noise as you can, so this is itm you crawling around a house trying to get out at night in this kind of a situation, a little bit dark and grim, but hey, its a horror game, it must be like this :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

Idea for story and game as a Sci-fi stealth action

I'll go straight from the beginning so. There is a spaceship a size of a big city and there is a an empire that this ship belong to and there is rebels, the goal of rebel, as a rebels, is strigth clera, they are rebels, duh, but, game starts when you as an trained agent are transported to lover levels of the ships to the cargo bay, ship is devided by levels that go from lover to higher, the higher it goes higher the secirty level and more people are there, in game you are not using weapon of any kind, but your suit and hands and skills, so the suit is a high tech stealth suit that can make you almost invisible for a short duration, or make a holographic projection around so you will look like other person, but to do that you need to engage with him close enough. You can:
 Hide from patroling guards and security cameras
 Unlock cases and lockers to get extra stuff
 Steal stuff from people, keycards and so
 Knock out people for a short duration but its strongly recomended that you will not
 You can hack computers on a station ti get intel passwords and so
 You can change your look by using you stealth suit
 You are very agile and can jump and climb higher than ordinary person

You cant use weapons or other stuff to kill people, and this is a main point you cant do so, you need always to hie and find an easy way, each level is a logic puzzle that you need to solve to perform a best result in time and attention level. But with higher levels gameplay will start to go in another direction with more civilised levels where most people live it will go to the social stealth and puzzels will start to become more like speak with this guy steal this find an suit to be able go here and so, and on higher levels it will be more like diplomatic stuff, you will go to the meetings will play roles of other real peoples like real agents do, gather intel from thei databooks and so

The main point of this game is to show evolution process of an agent, first its like an primitive tribes time, if they see you they will hunt you, than it goes to the medieval times where you can go outside and with proper look no one will find out that you are from other "kingdom" and the last levels its modern times when noone can say for sure who you really can trust and who is an agent, I hope you get the idea right :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

The Experiment MMO

Hello my friends!
Here an idea its a concept for a new session MMO type game and also as an game concept.

What is The Experiment?

  So here it is from point of view of a regular player, he finds out that ther is and new MMO The Experiment he read the concept like this:

  This is a game that formed in the way that server with world is living as long as there is people alive there, if everyone died that server closing itself restarting and starting freshly new, but each time the world for players are different, but this is not the only thing there, the second one that the world of The Experiment is not like the other MMOs its small, but fill with danger on each step, there is one city and  open territory around, players are starting in the city and their goal is to survive as long as they can, and to do that they need to think about themselfs and about city, cause if city will be destroyed server will be restarted, BUT there is a hidden places in city generated randomly each restart where you can find a pod to save yourslef, if you find a vault with 1 to 10 pods its up to you what you are going to do with that, keep it in secret or invte friends or maybe spread the rumor where it is and whait people to come there kill them and take their stuff, but you will ask, whats about his pods? Well, if you found one you can go inside and preserver yourself and items that you gathered, but when you in you cant go out until restart will occur, but after it you will have an dvantage on other players cause you will have your character with better skills and items. This is a complete social sandbox. But you will ask, ok, peoples pods city, what can probably destroy city? Well after each restart special algorithm will generate a scenario with random events from horde of monster siege to plague that must be cured, and to do so you need to find resources and cooperate with others. And also dont forget the amount of pods are ALWAYS LESS than active player number. And about details, each person have a room in city where they can store their goods and feel safe, if this is not a sige time for city in that case your room is not available but you still can take out items. And yes I forgot if you leave game NOT in your room you will stay on server as a sleeping person on the floor that can be killed.

  And after reading this player will be, ok how do I register to play this game and he will be given a list of servers that are still alive and their population and how long it exist.

Setting can be of anykind sci-fi, fantasy, medieval, it does not mean nothing, the point is the social part of the game.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

3D Printing idea: Perfect chair

It is a common problem to create well chair. I think it is a personal depending thing. And using anatomy  and physics you can model a perfect chair that spread power evenly. Can save a lot of backs in the world.

3D Printing Idea: glasses

A perfect glasses can be created using 3d printing. When your eye is scanned by laser and all defects fixed by custom shaped 3d printed glasses.

Game idea Dolphins in Space

After dead of entire human race dolphins become dominate specie of the world. They have built underwater civilisation. Make special device to walk on dry part of the earth. They have build underwater space rockets. First such rockets starting with help of Archimedes power of filled balloons. After leave water such balloons disconnected and rocket start to use fuel engine. In space they visited race of peaceful robot race.

Pyramide Idea

What is pyramide ? Even now it is practically impossible to create such building. I think it a base for bodyless energetic galaxy race. They using it like a huge capacitor to force planet traveling as a signals. This guys controlling our planet. They can control minds and ideas. Sometimes you see them as  fireballs, sometimes as black snakes and spirals in atmosphere, sometimes as fantoms, someone call them God.

Launch rockets idea

Create quite deep mine. Fill it with electromagnets. Attach magnites to rocket and help to launch space rockets with electromagnetic power. Should be cheaper then usual start.

3D Printing Idea Mars

Create laser scan of Mars terrain and other planets and print them on earth. Next create museum with such stuff.

3D Printing Idea Medicine

During lifetime of a person create laser scan of bones. Store all in database. In case of injuring 3d print bone and replace it.