Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Coding Idea

As all we know there are a lot of coding methods: procedural coding, object-oriented coding, functional, reflective, meta. But as I noticed each method is good in specific field. Of course any code can be done with all of them according to theorems of Boolean logic. But I want to share my own experience in this. I noticed that procedural coding is good when you create app about something that was madden by humans like house customisation apps. Imagine house. There is no inheritance at all. House is consist of bricks, windows and doors. No inheritance. Other thing is when we want to create some nature based stuff like creatures ( cows, pigs, dogs or flowers, trees etc. ).  There are a lot of object oriented stuff that can be used. Especially in video games development. Same things you work with data. If it is a human created data there can be problems with OOP. In games you can't use a lot of patterns good for data manipulation.

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