Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Detective, adventure, quest template for procedural generator.

 We need to have and adventure game with replayable content that will be interested for people, so here I will begin from basics. This approach can be scaled or cut or changet setting dont mean anything, but the idea behind it! Here the story is.

 Main character woke up from a (coma, stasis, medical injury, hangover, accident, experiment) he dont remember anything about himself. He see himself in a random suit that gives zero clues to say who he is or whom he was. 
 He found himself on some kind of a (space station, naval base, spaceship, ship, city, camp, lab ...) and there is noone, he is alone. It seems to be that this place was (left behind, wiped out, clearet by force, massacred, just empty).

 Searching around the territory, he found some clues about what happened here (see list), and whom or what was the reason of that, and also he finds out the information about characters that was involved in that situation (see list).

 Main character decides to help himself to get out from here, but for this he need to do (see list), and the point is that different actions will bring different results, so he need to chose wise what to do according to his suggestions who he is.
 The end of story TRULY depends on actions of a hero and on a storyteller (algorithm).

Example table of connections

What happened here

alien Invasion 
failed experiment 
computer crashes 
prison escape 


police officer
security guard

Actions to do

fix the radio and send Signalling disaster 
engine repair popytatsya ubratsya here 
repair system for generating oxygen 
release the virus 
start the self-destruct 
launch missiles 
download data 
transfer data 
prvoesti exeperimental until the end 
destroy all the data on experimentation 
batten down the hatches

and so on.

we write a list of an templates stories, adding characters to it adding actions and clues, selecting locations an zones, and what actions will do. Then each start we select one story shuffle that can be shuffled like who the main character is he an security guard that was injured and now woke up, or he is an escaped prisoner that was hitted in a head and now lose all his memory, or he is an coveret agent or even an alien in a human body and he need to wipe out the planet so he need to launch nuclear rockets from this base. Or he is a serial psycho killer that keiiled everyone on this ship and now he need to find a way to escape from this ship so no one will find him.

Victory status will depends on who is character where he is and what he need to do to win.

I hope you enjoyed the concept, and if you ask, yes I think it can be done, if you will not try to make a first person AAA game on based concept and sta in cozy and warm indie style and push not the graphs but storyline and gameplay.

Andriy "Ater" Goncharuk

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