Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Experiment MMO

Hello my friends!
Here an idea its a concept for a new session MMO type game and also as an game concept.

What is The Experiment?

  So here it is from point of view of a regular player, he finds out that ther is and new MMO The Experiment he read the concept like this:

  This is a game that formed in the way that server with world is living as long as there is people alive there, if everyone died that server closing itself restarting and starting freshly new, but each time the world for players are different, but this is not the only thing there, the second one that the world of The Experiment is not like the other MMOs its small, but fill with danger on each step, there is one city and  open territory around, players are starting in the city and their goal is to survive as long as they can, and to do that they need to think about themselfs and about city, cause if city will be destroyed server will be restarted, BUT there is a hidden places in city generated randomly each restart where you can find a pod to save yourslef, if you find a vault with 1 to 10 pods its up to you what you are going to do with that, keep it in secret or invte friends or maybe spread the rumor where it is and whait people to come there kill them and take their stuff, but you will ask, whats about his pods? Well, if you found one you can go inside and preserver yourself and items that you gathered, but when you in you cant go out until restart will occur, but after it you will have an dvantage on other players cause you will have your character with better skills and items. This is a complete social sandbox. But you will ask, ok, peoples pods city, what can probably destroy city? Well after each restart special algorithm will generate a scenario with random events from horde of monster siege to plague that must be cured, and to do so you need to find resources and cooperate with others. And also dont forget the amount of pods are ALWAYS LESS than active player number. And about details, each person have a room in city where they can store their goods and feel safe, if this is not a sige time for city in that case your room is not available but you still can take out items. And yes I forgot if you leave game NOT in your room you will stay on server as a sleeping person on the floor that can be killed.

  And after reading this player will be, ok how do I register to play this game and he will be given a list of servers that are still alive and their population and how long it exist.

Setting can be of anykind sci-fi, fantasy, medieval, it does not mean nothing, the point is the social part of the game.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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