Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Horror game

Imagine this kind of a story plus gameplay for a horror game:

It goes with a first person mode (ofc) in a car when you driven in a taxi to your old far friend far away from city to big mansion (well that was unexpected for a horror, big mansion :) ) you walk in and meet your frined he shows you hist big house with all rooms and so, (its important for game, you learn a little bit of house for future gameplay) then its come close to evening and you go sleeping, you woke up in a middle of a night cause hear some scratching that really annoying you trying to go back to sleep but its really really annoying, so you go to check what is the source of it, but the enxt step you make you step in to the bear trap a big and strong one, that break your legs, and here the game begins:) the main idea of a game and a horror part that you are crippled you cannot jump climb fast or go fast you can only crawl very slow and a little bit faster for short period of a time and sometimes (randomly) you loose your consciousness after several seconds of an shock you woke up and trying to get to your phone on a desk, but bext second you hear someone is going to your room and for some reason you decide to hide, you crawl really fast under a bed and wait a little bit, than your frined come in and start searching you, you understand that you have no chance and he will find you, but then you hear alarm, someone someone break the security perimeter so alaram goes wild and your friend say something like, ook ok fine I need to check out who the hell is coming, and that he will find you anyway and eat you (yup he is a not normal person :) ) so you now scared, I hope, at least you character is, and now your target to find your way out from this house that will be filled with traps and your "friend" that will search you, and yes first thing that he do when he walks into your room he takes your cell phone (ofc).
The main point of a game that you are disabled for moest of a game, your camera is low and close to the floor everything a little bit different from what you saw when everything was ok:) so this game trying to work with your prime fear when you small, when you disabled, and someone hunting you and you cant fight back, you can hid in a places where normal person cant, but to get some stuff you nned to solve some kind of a puzzles like take this item and then throw it to the point when it collide whith item that you need but cant reach and it will fall to you, but you must do make less noise as you can, so this is itm you crawling around a house trying to get out at night in this kind of a situation, a little bit dark and grim, but hey, its a horror game, it must be like this :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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