Saturday, 30 April 2016

Convert Code to Neural Networks

Neural Networks have lot of pluses ( and minuses of course ) but main of it ( as I think ) parallel computation. With power of modern GPU it can be delicious. What if create C++ code converter to neural networks. This task is not simple according to data limitations but possible.  Some methods can be converted and will improve your code speed. Such converter is easy to make with methods that take simple types like float, int, bool and return same type, for other it can be more complicated I guess.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Playtest service

The most valuable feedback is seeing of first time playing your game. And it can be easily broken by giving people same game second time. They already know details so experiment will be not clear.

What if create service that help indie and not indie developers to test games ( or apps ) and receiving feedback by recording screen, webcam and input of player. Each person have an account in such service and balance like money for example you can upload your game and receive 5 feedbacks, If you rich that limit you cannot receive feedback anymore.

You can restore your balance by playing other developers games or paying money.  The most important is to record screen and input so such service can be build in Steam or Windows Live.

With such service you can test of first time playing many times instead of playtest group.