Saturday, 28 June 2014

Doctrina Kharkov Woman in black art

By Julia Maylina Potapenko ( acrylic ) 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Auto correct logic

All we know about syntax correction like iWork, word do. But what if go deeper and create logic correction in specific field. For example sun is green. Sometimes it is correct but in most cases it is wrong so program can make advice to you.

Smart trash can

Imagine so smart trash can that have gps, product scanner, wifi. So such trash can analyse products that have been putted in and make statistics for people who build stores.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Web service Healthy food

This idea came to me from Silpo food market web service. I have entered all data about people who live with me and according to my buy list web service they give advice like check tea. I guess they can analyse how's healthy my buying is, and give advice what to buy or even what to cook and of course make iOS android app for a phone.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Google glass game awesome

Google glass is awesome. The most amazing and coolest thing that ever happend in whole Universe. The first glass that was invented after glass.

Imagine that you are ram and some things are falling down from the sky  like fruits, vegetebles, iPads. And you need to smash them by your head. You should have propper speed to do it. But you can't smash everything. Sometimes it happend that anvil is falling or stone anyway something very solid that can kill you, so you should avoid it. You also have special abilities that you can get smashing thing like flying hornes that can smash things at the distance.

Sooner we can add multiplayer so you can play with your friends that can be same rams even with argumented reality.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Amazing Quest Idea

Some old and even new rpg is quite linear. They have line event system. Everything goes step by step and looks like this:

 Some awesome ( Witcher, TES, Gothic ) new RPG have tree like quests. Thats can be different trees but anyway:
Of course some gamedev guys are cheating and do something like:

And no one have quite simple but the most interesting way of quest system that was quite obvious:
Of course it is much complicated, because amount of connections. But as result much more ways to complete the game. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Life idea: Robo fish

Some people love fish. Buy aquarium and stuff like that. I also like this smooth motion. It is so relaxing to see. But it is also a big responsibility. I mean feed fish, clean aquarium and a lot of things you don't even know. What if create robotic small fish. Anyway they have simple AI and can be done easily. That's how we simplify our life.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Interesting Advanced Particle Tutorial Unity

We gonna make motion of underwater bubbles using Unity Shuriken particles system.

This tutorial is based on our current game Anoxemia:

I dont care about anything here. Just give me prefab :) -

Common and the most important part of tutorial.

Philosophy( skip it dude, anyway people never learn on others mistakes )

So why do they move that's way ? The reason is Physics. It is simple and complicated part of all tasks. The problem that designers never study physics so they do everything just like they see it and use wrong instruments as results, but anyway get quite acceptable but not accurate results. Even programmers often don't know anything about physics but I was lucky and sadly at same time studding at Physics department.


1. Bubbles is a big couple of air placed into water that trying to take spherical form.
2. Arhimed power is applied on a bubble so it moves up and increasing velocity
3. Bubbles become bigger because water pressure depend on depth. The deeper object the bigger pressure applied on it so they small.
4. Bubbles change it shape because of anisotropic of water and forces like colliding etc.
5. Bubbles movement looks like sin function with some randoms because of colliding each other.


1. Create Shuricen particle system
2. Main section of PS
   Start speed set to 0 because we have no start speed on bubbles
   (Your taste) Start Size set to 0.01 it is 1cm middle size of bubbles under water
   (Your taste) Start life time to 1 how long our bubble is alive
   Simulation Space set to world because we want our PS react on movement
3. Emmision
   (Your taste ) Emission set to rate at about 20 and Time

4. Uncheck Shape because particles often emitted from one point like hole of oxygen balloon

5. Uncheck velocity over life time because we dont need to control velocity if we control force

6. Check force over life time and set to random between two curves and setup curves as described here

By Y constant force and sin forces by XZ plan to give sin movement and set to world simulation space because we dont want to have troubles when we attach out PS to some object.

7. Set size over lifetime to growing because of bubbles growing

8. Need some artist help. My girlfriend helped me a lot, thanks Julia Maylina, love you. Draw 4 types of bubbles in a row for a bubbles deformation and setup sheet animation as follow.

Texture should looks like this:

Thats how we minimized a lot of components of Shuriken particles and improve perfomance by the way. But just a little bit :)

Monday, 9 June 2014

In app purchase

Now in app purchase is everywhere. But I am sure that it is unnatural. Imagine that you want to buy the TV. They say it comes free. Awesome free TV. But you know dude you can watch it just 2 hours per day. If you want to see it all time please pay some money. Our engineers wil came to you and fix it. This TV can switch channels but only if you pay us. You can also change brightness for a bucks. So what have I tooked ? Something that is not called a TV. That's how I spent my own time to investigate what is locked and what is not. Why not to sell full functional TV for a reasoned price. I can just watch at price and reviews to make my choose and not to download and investigate.

App idea Argument reality for everyone

Now argument reality is quite cosmic thing. What if make it more popular. What if allow people add their own 3d planes into iPad video by making photo and cropping alpha. With hand drawing mask functionality. With interpolation between keys frames aka semi 3d.

 When we take couple of photos we use compass and gyroscope to determine iPad position. Then interpolate transformation between frames. It is like apps that makes 3d objects from series of photo shoots.

Friday, 6 June 2014

App idea Map of free WiFi

Everyone likes free wifi. When we travel to a new place we should know about it. What if store free wifi ability on a map when you travel by your city. At the end of the day you will have approximated map of free wifi zones. Users can share their maps with each other to grow information about wifi in specific place. I don't know is it possible to do in background on iOS, but guess quite possible on windows phone and android. Also integrate this service on apple maps and google maps.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Kids game idea Funny cloud

You are a cloud. You can make rain on flowers, grass, forest, smiling kids. But you have water energy that can be filled near lakes, rivers, other clouds. When you travel you should avoid mountains. With other cloud you can make thunderbolts. You can play online with friends and make real rain on city. It is a 3d game and you are flying over terrain.

Game idea Ice smash

It is a race game in Northern ocean. You have an atomic ice smash ships with fire and bombs to smash ice on your way and be first at racing.

Game idea Alien nation

You are an alien and you have small ultra fast invisible ship. Your task is to stole people from their houses. You have powerful gravity laser. You are working at night. If a lot of people will notice you and make a photo you will have a problems. Stay stealth and keep stole people.

Game idea Planet traveler

You travel between planets by building launch stations. Depends on planet conditions like temperature, gravity, radius, atmosphere you compound block that helps to launch rocket. Every builded station is unpredictable and can cause explosions, launch or generating new black hole