Friday, 21 March 2014

3D Printing Idea: Planet Colonisation

Create robots that can 3D print object with using of planet surface. For example send them to Mars. Here they can 3D print constructions that can be usefull for building human base. After send robots that can assemble them into a building. Next send humans.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Grinding MMO

Now we have a lot of MMORPG games such as Lineage perfect world and so, and they use a straight form of grinding quest in WoW for killing mobs in Lineage, but for some people its interesting to kill mobs and get something for it, items resources and exp, so, why we dont do an MMO based on it, without trying to make an "awesome" and "interesting" quests we can just change the mob grinding system, and here the idea:

You get a usual world of MMO game with standart features quests PvP wars castles and so, but, instead of thousends of mobs to kill you have animals creatures and beasts and the number of it are not so huge, and killing one is an achivement, make them like little bossfights from singleplayer games, make them strong and hard to fight and also hard to find, and you can make for example an template of a beast and than genereate his parameters in some range like HP from 3000 to 5000 size from 30 to 40 damage from blah blah blah, and so, like in real world there is no clones, so from that what we have: instead of grinding a 1000 mobs you are searching and hunting down 3-5 enemys and have the same amount of EXP and loot but much more fun (if you like it, ofc) cause you need to track down the beast hunt it and win the battle against it, and there must be different tactics and different weapon for different beasts and also in some places are some beasts in another others, like always, and also you can make som creatures appear in specific time, for example you can hunt a swap lord only early in morning or in the late evening and but in the middle of a day you just cant track him cause he is hiding.

What this will give to us?

1.No more grinding, you can kill 3-5 best per evening and it will be the same amont for example as killing a 1000 and lineage, but it will be hard take the chalange
2.More interesting classes like huntsmen to kill trapper to lure beast in trap, tracker to track a beast, to find better creature with better loot you need higher level of a tracker but you will also find a more powerful enemy so be prepeared to face some strong stuff, you need a party for that, also some classes for taming creatures.
3.Social interaction between players, cause to junt down big animals to get better loot they need to cooperate, for example you apper in the town <N> and a character <M> give you a quest to track down and kill and animal that terrorising theyr town, and starting from that you can track it for yourself but animal will be weak and if you are not a good tracker, but if you are a good tracker you wont be able to hunt him solo, so you will need an friend huntsmen to kill him, or a trapper or a taming dude to tame the animal.
4.More social interaction just imagine a situation, there is a location whrer rare and really valuable monsters are can be tracked down, but this territory are controlled by local castle that are taked by clan <V> so you can pay them rent to be able hunt on their territories or you can take your clan and siege a castle to take a control of this territory.
5.You have less I/O on game database cause there will be less enemys, and they will appear only when you track them down.

Tracking how I see it most be like this, you character go to the location where the animal must be, like some Dark forset to hunt down an Beast Wolf if he a tracker he use skill track animal (track beast, track monster depends on what kind of he searching for) if the limit of wolfs was not deplited in this location, appearing a system message that you find a track and a landmark appears on minimap not far from you than when you appear to this place you use track again and you can get a message like you find him, and that this beast are spawned near you and you can start fight or you can recive an message like you still didnt find him and new landmark appear on map and you do the same again, or you can recive a message taht you lost track and then you need to start again, and better skill in tracking you have the faster you will find an enemy to fight. There even more in my head but, its already to much text so I will keep it for the future explanation if you will like the idea :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Good time everyone!

So imagine a story of a king that lived in a hard time of his country, and closer to the end of his rule he decide to make some really wierd stuff to save control in his hands, year by year he starting to be more of a single man, he cleared all his servants and change them, to new ones, so everyone forgot how king trully look like, and than he put an imposter insted of himself on throne and start to rule from his name, but everyone still thinking that this is a true king, so then, he use his old connections money and power and create a group of people that are going to start a riot against the king and make a revolution to change king from one to another, and he using his power and money lead people to make a revolution killing all central persons in kingdom and an imposter, and become a new ruler with different name and slitly different apperiance, no beard short hair and so.

The flow of a story can be changed or managed in any way, but the point is that a smart king seeing that peopel start to hate him decide not to wait a revolution but create it by himself lead it and still being a ruler of this landes, crazy plot twist!

For main character it can be like in the begining he is working and helping king than he change his side to the revolution, and than in the end finding out that this was the same person all the time!

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Save and Load game in modern games

A lot of games have a save/load game feature, but if we look closer it can be considered as a cheating or as a big opportunity for player, I mean its like movie with Cage where he can see future and change his decisions based on this knowledge, so it is a great power, its even stronger than chekpoints, chekpoints is more like, your hero is immortal, but that is, but with save/load you can check future and than return in time and make another decision.

Well, from this point it will be interesting to put this feature in game to be a part of lore of the game, for example just imagine an first person action game, and hero have some sort of artifact or instrument to go back and forth in time just like some prince from very dusty land, but its more like hand driven mechanism, you need to interact with it to return back, why so? Well imagine just a this kind of a situation you have game playing it and have this save load feature thet presented in this a little bit wierd way, and in the middle of a game there is a cutscene, enemys are chasing you, trap you and get your and in the cutscene a main character trying to return back in time load game but in the moment when you start to rotating mechanism enemies grab your hands and you cant load game, and then they took this mechanism from you and you have several levels without save and load game, the point is to make something to surprise player, to take away the feeling that he safe and always has a chance to travel back and load game, and here its is, this is an idea, thank you for reading :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

Sunday, 9 March 2014

World Idea

We all love nature so much. We say it cool and awesome. Let think deeper. I mean there is no fairness in nature, no love, no care - simple mechanism of breeding and die where bigger fish eating smaller fish, where creatures kill each other just to be first.  Such things like lie is present and came from nature like faked flowers and skin masking. Even YOU is a spermatozoid that was first. Of course human is not placed correctly in whole ecosystem of Earth.

Maybe humans is creatures from other planets where system of life is totally different. There is one goal in our life - stay alive. If we put other goals we can change the whole life system. Of course it cannot be Earth. Now I can't imagine such system. System with totally different rules and goals.

On the planet Earth is working egoism theory where everyone is thinking about itself come to development of population. But maybe there is an other system like John Nash proposed where everyone thinking about itself and others came to more success.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Game or movie or book sniper rifle idea

Artillery-like sniper rifle we have an automatic station with a gun, not a big size like 1.5 of a barret or so, whit computer GPS and other position tracking sensors, and we have a sniper, his work is to mark a target with an laser guide that will show red if computer cant shoot this target and green when it can (note: this will work only for outside missions :) ) if target accepted, sniper push a button to shoot and keep tracking target automatic sniper rifle will chose angle and shoot the projectile that consist of not only shell but several staging little engines and boosters that will guide the final projectile to the head of the foe, the point of all this artillery like gun stuff, that range is MUCH more like ordinary sniper rifle, and you can even dont see the target from the rifle position its way beyond the horizont, so its more like an artillery for small target with laser guide, the point is sniper can carry only small binocular like rangefinder to hit targets and it can be more than one.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

Friday, 7 March 2014

World Idea

Last night I haven't sleep and one idea came to my mind. Everything in the world is vibration. I mean everything changes but periodically that's perfectly matching fractal theory of the World too. Like sin waves, theory of light dualism, string theory.

Very interesting aspect of the vibration theory is resonance. That's what Nikola Tesla was learning and how he planed to transfer energy through distance. It is unified theory allows too travel in time and space without restriction instead of Einstein theory.

Even more I think that matery is just a pointed resonance of field.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Game developers, please stop!

Hello everyone!
Angry me, here, again :)
So, dear developers, can you please stop taking a player as an idiot, srsly,
I know that all this training stuff made to make a game more easy for new players to understand, but sometimes its go really really over the point where you feel that you are a someone with down syndrome, atleast make it passable or not so intense, I mean training, but, well, this is known issue, and Im herre not to talk about that.

I will start from far far away and a long time ago, I was in industrial design school, and our teacher when we was working on enviroment design for games, says to us, that design of all buildings must be consist and you must see that this is one place, one faction and so and so, also this is working for props, vehicles and weapon, so in other words, if we have one faction with billions of people inside, thousends of architects and designers (ingame ofc not real one:) ) and we have in result that all buildings and all weapons and props, look exactly the same, I mean style, this is why for example GTA or Watch Dogs or AC (not an ad:) are look really cool and realistic, cause citys and cars has different syles, designs, history and so on. Yes my little angry reader, you whinking now, hey but what about elves and orcs and other fictional factions that MUST be consist, well my dear opponent, you can have one style and design, BUT you must think of it more, lets just take faction where all people are unity and so and so, like elves, but we can vary their buildings and swords by other points, like, some architects are not wo good as another ones, some smith are not so good and they only start working, some builders dont have money to build so magnificent building, but they still want to go with one syle, yes you can do that, but just make More visible variations with keeping in mind that even in one super unite faction some parameters are vary, like money, expirience, purpose. So here it is, Im out for today, and as always thanks for reading.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk