Saturday, 8 March 2014

Game or movie or book sniper rifle idea

Artillery-like sniper rifle we have an automatic station with a gun, not a big size like 1.5 of a barret or so, whit computer GPS and other position tracking sensors, and we have a sniper, his work is to mark a target with an laser guide that will show red if computer cant shoot this target and green when it can (note: this will work only for outside missions :) ) if target accepted, sniper push a button to shoot and keep tracking target automatic sniper rifle will chose angle and shoot the projectile that consist of not only shell but several staging little engines and boosters that will guide the final projectile to the head of the foe, the point of all this artillery like gun stuff, that range is MUCH more like ordinary sniper rifle, and you can even dont see the target from the rifle position its way beyond the horizont, so its more like an artillery for small target with laser guide, the point is sniper can carry only small binocular like rangefinder to hit targets and it can be more than one.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk