Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Game developers, please stop!

Hello everyone!
Angry me, here, again :)
So, dear developers, can you please stop taking a player as an idiot, srsly,
I know that all this training stuff made to make a game more easy for new players to understand, but sometimes its go really really over the point where you feel that you are a someone with down syndrome, atleast make it passable or not so intense, I mean training, but, well, this is known issue, and Im herre not to talk about that.

I will start from far far away and a long time ago, I was in industrial design school, and our teacher when we was working on enviroment design for games, says to us, that design of all buildings must be consist and you must see that this is one place, one faction and so and so, also this is working for props, vehicles and weapon, so in other words, if we have one faction with billions of people inside, thousends of architects and designers (ingame ofc not real one:) ) and we have in result that all buildings and all weapons and props, look exactly the same, I mean style, this is why for example GTA or Watch Dogs or AC (not an ad:) are look really cool and realistic, cause citys and cars has different syles, designs, history and so on. Yes my little angry reader, you whinking now, hey but what about elves and orcs and other fictional factions that MUST be consist, well my dear opponent, you can have one style and design, BUT you must think of it more, lets just take faction where all people are unity and so and so, like elves, but we can vary their buildings and swords by other points, like, some architects are not wo good as another ones, some smith are not so good and they only start working, some builders dont have money to build so magnificent building, but they still want to go with one syle, yes you can do that, but just make More visible variations with keeping in mind that even in one super unite faction some parameters are vary, like money, expirience, purpose. So here it is, Im out for today, and as always thanks for reading.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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