Sunday, 28 April 2013

Apple iOS new features idea

1. Remove such orientation like landscape right-left and portrait up down. Leave just 2: portrait and landscape.When you take a device and its in sleep mode you touch the screen but always wrong about orientation.
2. Speed up search transition at home screen. When you at first go there you will notice lag when keyboard showing.
3. Remove current working apps panel. Display current working apps directly on home screen. Stop apps by two finger tap on working app.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

RPG Game Ideas

Game actions:

play games(small arcades)
take part in competition(arena)
get laid
rule small army


  play music by hitting keys ( make it easy ),  make money in this way,if the melody is nice you can hear it at other places like be popular music

  make pictures ( nice view of gameworld )  and view it,sold it, share via Facebook

  build your house( you can make it anywhere in game near from the lake )
  grove up something( near water better groving etc. )

  grove up animals and do milk,fur, etc.

  placing objects on map and destroy it with trash available after that

  take credit

  possibility to be a whore(god it be really fun)

  change landscape(ex make a hole after very powerful magic)

  "Fear around" increase with level, so on hi-levels you don't need to kill wolfs,goblins they just escape
when see you.

An old dragon with a scar can speak with anyone, named:'Wirgoof'

Saving method:
If you was killed by someone you're be return to place of your last sleep. So everything you saw was
just a bad dream. Of course you can assess to any place you sleep in game, during game-time and
this beads must be everywhere in the forest like a hunter buildings with bed.





Sunday, 7 April 2013

Avatar 3D mobile application


Download free 3D application with face recognition and cookies:

The idea of this mobile application is very simple:
1. You make the photo.
2. Program build 3D face according to your face.
3. You adjust light, color and position and share with friends

How its works:
1. You make photo of yourself or any other human creatures ( face ).
2. Boooom 3D avatar is ready.
3. Move around your face in 3D space.

The UI is designed very clear

Move light - checks when you want to move the light by your fingers
Scale the avatar - easy to understand isn't
Move the avatar - same

Light color - seriously, seems like I don't need to describe it at all:)

Take a shot - not hit somebody but make a photo

Save avatar - save to your SD card current looks of your avatar.

Setting - face recognition system settings.

And of course preview of that stuff. 

Some examples:

1. Install application
2. Run it
3. Take a photo
4. Click process
5. Adjust your avatar
6. Save on SD

By the way you can determine your face type by this program. Round, Oval, or Square you will get it easy.

Have joy and fun. Eat food. Love puppies.

konstantin dvornik

Smart Traffic Light

STL: Smart Traffic Light

Set of cameras putted along the road which monitor car traffic and dynamicaly adjust traffic light according to this information.

So no this annoying situations when you standing on red and absolutly no cars on opposite road. Just global wasting of time.