Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to write a CV

1. Say TRUE
2. Don't lie
3. Show everything that you can, don't feel shame
4. Be short
5. Say less, show more

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


PLAIKO is a game development, game oriented and simply game InSaNe company founded in Ukraine by Arthur Bohdanov , Kostiantyn Dvornik and Eugen Dranov. Idea is simple - create cool things that came from our minds. We want to create things that we feel, things that is deep inside, things that is part of us. We are experienced guys in IT like coding from 6 years old , publish in cool 3D books. found cool web development company. And we know what we want :)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Neural network game Playing God

Late before I have described games based on neural network:

and God game:

Now I have released game based on this two conception. It is first game in the worlds which implement neural network in that way.


1 - make RAIN
2 - make SUN
3 - make METEOR


Wheater is controlled by teached before neural network. Population of "Veseli Kuli" reacts on wheater and meteors and all in different way. If they happy they devide by 2 and population is bigger. When the sad they DIE! Your fun is control world like a god and be a dad of your pride.

Awesome Unity Texturing Terrain Tutorial

"Here I 'am on the blog again"
 Metallica - Turn the page


Flat ground, deep blue sky... You stand alone, you feel the pain. Your expectations fail, the world you've build will never shine like a sweet dream that always far away. You've crossed the rivers, forests, oceans trying to find something that was lost deep inside your soul. But the true was so close and so far away:

Short happiness like a something warm comes through your veins and push you more and push you down at same time. Never ENOUGH ! Short look in the past...but sadly grass is not so green and sky is not so blue.

If pain will go away I'am gonna made this. But pain is only TRUE in this cold world. I've opened tired red-blue eyes behind the true. Dark wall was cold and black. I've tried so much and got so little. When I loose all my power and hope in fighting with true I touch the wall by my head by my hair and start to cry. Tears filled my eyes and something strange happened. The light inside the tears start to play with millions of colors. Green, blue, red, yellow. This hard achieved rainbow  makes me believe, believe that happiness is simple. Not ENOUGH colors on my black wall I've decided that time.

You need to choose something already painted.
Colors. The world is never understand you and you have never understand the world. With years I've learned what they need from you

R G B A all as separate.

Pure Red ( 255, 0, 0 ) Green ( 0, 255, 0 ) and Blue ( 0, 0, 255 )

But nothing have changed. It a difference between what you've got and what you see. Sometimes true is deep inside.

The wall is standing hard but you rise. Now you see, you are closer to your dream.

 This red veins looks just like your tired eyes. Not ENOUGH blue. This hell is starting over again. But now you are at your own. With bottle in lonely room. You can talk to yourself over and over again. No one listen, no one cares. Your head above the pan, too much...too much pain. Morning and shy sunshine slowly covers closed eyes. Empty bottle and empty head in toilet room. But you've got

Damn voices talk in your head and you can not stop:

" Invert it. Add as blue channel to colormap, ROTATE FINAL picture by 90 degree COUNTER CLOCKWISE"

 Done. One step closer. Your little word is opened and ground is done.

Now it is your time. You never was so close enough. This moment when you touch the sun.

You tired and happy. You happy. But you never feel ENOUGH.

konstantin dvornik

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Neural Network Game :: Start

Many games today use neural networks for AI. But abilities of NN is much wider and cooler. Imagine game whole working on NN. Balance is not needed anymore cuz neural network can  learn on your actions. All game variables can be tweaked in real time using neural networks based person who playing.

Imagine casual game. All game designers have a simple question during design time - how much time level should take. If we use neural network we can change this time based on user experience based on every person.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Talking food

Imagine that food can talk. You came in store and look for a something tasty. And food talk like a "Hello. I'am so sweet try me. And all of it with hi freq voice. When you buy food it became happy and say "Wooooohoooo!". When you it food talk to you and say something nice like "Eat me. Yammy"

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Game Idea Scanned Graphics

Whats about creating games with scanned 3D objects. Some days before digital photo, all games used hand drawed textures like Super Mario, Packman etc. At now we have CGTexture with thousands of cool tiled photo textures. All most of world artists using them. Obviously that 3D scanning object is much more realistic then hand drawed art. And by the way using it is much easy and faster then to model objects in 3ds max. So the future is 3d scanning.

Game Idea Driving Simulation Scanning

I have played Flatout 2 last hours. This game will never get old. And I've got one thing. Everyone is making awesome car controllers with a lot of physics simulation inside. But what if just scan real car during driving. Put gyroscope on wheels and car body. Then just use scanned data to put colliders in right position. It like a precalculated physics in games will always look more awesome.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

WPI2SVG Convert wpi to svg

WPI2SVG by Mykola Dvornik
Amazing brand new and cross platform tool to convert Wacom WPI files to SVG format.

It is indent to use with Wacom's Inkling digital pen ( ) on platforms that are not officially supported by Wacom's Sketch Manager Software, e.g. Linux, BSD, etc. The tool is written in pure Go and, thereby could be compiled on any supported platform (for the complete list of Go supported platforms please refer to ).


go get -u

wpi2svg <inputfile.wpi>

Notification system for SVN GIT

Sometimes you are writing code and forget to update or check server changes. It will be very cool to add notification system for SVN or GIT clients that shows server status. For example it can use Windows 8 awesome notification system.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Neural Network OS :: Start

Last weekend I've got one thing - I hate computers.

I've started coding at age of 6 on Electronika - 80. It was a big toy that was loading from tape. Whole tape was full of games and Basic. Just one was working - Snake. So've started to code on Basic just to have fun. I have a big colored book about it and my first program was What is your name ? ...type you've typed. Then was Specialist, then ZX-Spectrum, then PC, now Mac and mobile devices. We have created amazing things like 3D game ( and engine ) on assembler periodical IT press, now this blog and now Ukraine outsource job. Taked part in game start-up, taked part in IT conference, studing at University. So what I've learned from all of it.

I'am full of it. I need to change the way how whole world IT industry works, how computer works, hows its going now. I need something principal new. That's why I introduce series of posts dedicated to brand new

Neural Network OS or NOS ( Neuro OS )

In fact I have no idea what to write here. Today I have a one simple thing that came to my head. I knew that OS is basically about memory and hardware management but anyway.

NN - neural network in future so

Lets our NOS have actions like start progrram, start service, show dialog, unload resources, check for updates and many many others.

If fact i want to kill names like programs, services dialog and leave just 3 names ACTION , TIME, OBJECT

Lets introduce 3 types of time:

Global world time.
Time since OS started.
Time since action started.

All we know about boring dialogs like Are you sure that you want to close all tabs in your browser etc. Sometimes it have checkbox like never do it again. Helps a little.

But what if create a neural network that waits til you choose YES or NO for specific ACTION. It learn what you choose and decrease time of self choosing. That's it. After some YES or NO decisions it simply do a decision by itself. It learn on your actions.