Thursday, 14 November 2013

Awesome Unity Texturing Terrain Tutorial

"Here I 'am on the blog again"
 Metallica - Turn the page


Flat ground, deep blue sky... You stand alone, you feel the pain. Your expectations fail, the world you've build will never shine like a sweet dream that always far away. You've crossed the rivers, forests, oceans trying to find something that was lost deep inside your soul. But the true was so close and so far away:

Short happiness like a something warm comes through your veins and push you more and push you down at same time. Never ENOUGH ! Short look in the past...but sadly grass is not so green and sky is not so blue.

If pain will go away I'am gonna made this. But pain is only TRUE in this cold world. I've opened tired red-blue eyes behind the true. Dark wall was cold and black. I've tried so much and got so little. When I loose all my power and hope in fighting with true I touch the wall by my head by my hair and start to cry. Tears filled my eyes and something strange happened. The light inside the tears start to play with millions of colors. Green, blue, red, yellow. This hard achieved rainbow  makes me believe, believe that happiness is simple. Not ENOUGH colors on my black wall I've decided that time.

You need to choose something already painted.
Colors. The world is never understand you and you have never understand the world. With years I've learned what they need from you

R G B A all as separate.

Pure Red ( 255, 0, 0 ) Green ( 0, 255, 0 ) and Blue ( 0, 0, 255 )

But nothing have changed. It a difference between what you've got and what you see. Sometimes true is deep inside.

The wall is standing hard but you rise. Now you see, you are closer to your dream.

 This red veins looks just like your tired eyes. Not ENOUGH blue. This hell is starting over again. But now you are at your own. With bottle in lonely room. You can talk to yourself over and over again. No one listen, no one cares. Your head above the pan, too much...too much pain. Morning and shy sunshine slowly covers closed eyes. Empty bottle and empty head in toilet room. But you've got

Damn voices talk in your head and you can not stop:

" Invert it. Add as blue channel to colormap, ROTATE FINAL picture by 90 degree COUNTER CLOCKWISE"

 Done. One step closer. Your little word is opened and ground is done.

Now it is your time. You never was so close enough. This moment when you touch the sun.

You tired and happy. You happy. But you never feel ENOUGH.

konstantin dvornik