Monday, 14 January 2013

Unity 4 Cool & Sweet Terrain Tutorial with FREE assets




ADDON ( Alpine Scene ):

Part 2 Texturing

If you just started to learing Unity skip this tutorial. It is a sequence of tips and tricks not a click here, click there.

What do we need:
       1.       Unity
       2.       Geocontol 2

       3.       Image editor Like Photoshop or Gimp or Paint.Net but not MS Paint

1.      Set fractal scale to 8 in GeoControl
2.       Set heightmap resolution to 2048
3.       Export Terrain RAW 16 bit for Carra Heightmap from GeoControl
4.       Export Normal Map from Geocontol 

1.       Download assets that I provided
2.       You feel like a pro, delete terrain here and normal map.
3.       Import Heightmap from raw. Important: Size does matter. So set horizontal and vertical and height just nice. In picture above 5000x500x5000
4.       Set terrain Pixel Error to something like 10 or 20 if you don’t wanna kill your computer
5.       I have wrote a Terrain shader for you with a global normal map. Fuck yeahhh Unity 4 supports custom meterials on terrain! Drag your global normal map to that material.

 Lighting looks sucks! Everything messed up

Without normal map

With normal map

       1.       Open your image editor and flip normal map by Vertical axe.

       2.       Invert green and red channel too

1.       Texturize your terrain with terrain textures and normal maps
2.       I have fixed Terrain toolkit, now it’s support 2048 size terrains, but 4096 still not
3.       Add grass from package
4.       Fix grass tint and color to be just like on a terrain

1.       I have used photo cubemaps from
2.       I have set anisotropic filtering for global normal map to 8x
3.       Set FOG color as lowest color on a cubemap
4.       Use little tile on a Rock texture
5.       Not everything that look cool in GeoControl looks cool in Unity
6.       Set Directional light according to Sky light direction
7.       Set up nice view on camera.
8.       Amount of drawcalls should be playable.
Thanks! Have joy and fun!
Kostiantyn Dvornik