Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Emotional Gadget ( Used Viewdle Api Face Recognition )


Download free application with live wallpaper:

The idea of this mobile application is very simple:
1. You make the photo.
2. If you sad your mobile device trying to make you happy.
3. Thats all.

How its works:
1. You train your phone on several photos when you are happy and sad.
2. He trainded from it.|
3. Next try you doing photo its try to recognize your mood.

The UI is designed very clear, Left happy faces button. You clicked on this button if you want to teach your application for happy face. Right sad button if for sad. And middle button is used to determine your mood by photo.

Every time you will do the photo smile is covered your face if everything is ok. If program can't recognize your face the question icon is appear on a screen. 

Afrer installation on a device application is setup a service that ask you to check your mood by such UI.

Green button - open application, Red button dont open anything.
Application have settings.

Use picture for background - your phone will find some pictures to make you happy.
Ask perion - period for previous Green and Red button appear.
Viewdle Settings - settings of a recognition system. They are quite complicated.

Most interesting - Free Live Wallpaper, that depends on your mood.
Moving circles iteract with finger touch and their color depends on your mood directly. Thats instead of a picture.

1. Install application
2. Run it
3. If you are happy now click on a happy button, if you sad on a sad button.
4. Make photo of yourself.
5. If your face is founded then sad or smile icon appear on your face with plus icon. Program stored your face
6. If you want to recognize your mood you are clicking on a middle PokerFace :) button and make photo of your face. If your mood was recognized they sad or happy icon without a plus will appear on your face.
7. See how your phone react on your mood.
8. Thats all

Have joy and fun.

konstantin dvornik

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Global Body Monitor

Idea is simple. Implant a divice that can send you GPS location, medical state, amount of oxygen in blood to global server that can make some decisions for you. As example:

1. You feel sick, but don't wanna call 911, cuz it's just ok. No way. Acording to data that was sended to a server periodically or as event, server call 911 for you and use your GPS location.

2. Your kid don't answer for a call for long period. You are in panic. Solutions is simple look where is your kid and what with his health directly on your iPad and make decision what to do next.

3. What about if some bad ass guys wanna kill you. They probably dont wanna  do it cuz now finding a proof will be much easier.

Private. Forget that word. Even now you can be founded easy if someone really want to do it: social networks, friends, cameras everywhere...

konstantin dvornik