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More neural network animation

Previous animation:

Щастя здоров'я!

Per user diffuculty level

It is quite strange idea. But what if all people that installed game have different level of difficulty. I mean game have global constants that control level of difficulty like health, amount of enemies etc. At the end of install game generate random level of difficulty for that install. And don't tell about it to users. I think discussions will be much more interesting.

Anoxemia Unity 2D tutorial


Part of Anoxemia game that we are working now:

Play now( use Google drive instead of Dropbox cuz with high traffic Dropbox block your links ):

NOTE: most art is blurred. You CAN'T use animation art and level art. You CAN use code fluently in your commercial and non-commercial projects.

Now it is time to make 2D game with Unity. It is an advanced tutorial so if you just started Unity please do something simpler at first. It will be suitable for:

1. The ones who came from 3D
2. If you have some experience of games creation
3. If you using C#
4. If you are level designer

Cool things that we have here in tutorial:

1. Full 2D game mechanic ( start menu, levels, end, game settings, gameover )
2. Level variations system.
3. Optimized for mobile. ( on iPad 2 runs fast )
4. Hero can move in any of 4 directions ( up, down, left, right ) setuped animator controller
5. Smooth transiction from left to right instead of fast flip of a hero
6. Controller is separated from ModelView so you can add any type of controls ( touch, kinnect, wii )
7. Joystic controller support ( tuned for Logitech )
8. Lego style code. You can add remove feautures easily
9. Singleton, State machine ( classic and own ) , Algorithm, Upserver patterns used.
10. Implemented hunter AI using default navMesh.
11. Bubbles, blood and acid particled settuped.
12. Folder classification

Now I explain how to use everything:

1. Game use state machine that choose state by level name and implemented in Singleton SceneRoot. Game suitable for designers you can choose any level and start playing without entering a menu. Each singleton is stored in scene.

2. Class Constants have dictionary with level and sub level name. So you can have different variations of a level. Everytime new level is loading it is choose from level variations.

3. Used Unity sprites for minimizing alpha rendering. Used ambient light instead of dynamical light, minimum particles

4. The hardest thing of 2D game is smooth animation into any directions if setuped in Hero animator controller.

5. AnymationsSync sript is added to the Graphics of a hero. So we can process events from animation like picko bject or turn left or right.

6. Scene root singleton have OnIterract event. So you can subscribe and process platform non-specific commands like sweem, hit, drop. Extend it via enums.

7.Hit play in menu on your joystic and you can play via sticks. Look in StateLevel.cs for implementation

8. Nothing to say :)

9. SceneRoot - singltone, See State begins classes, Inside behaviors stated implemented via animator state machine, creatures have algorithms that can be overrided in derevided classes, all behaviors derived from GameBevahiour that have even OnActionNotify. You can subscribe and do anything.

10. Whole game is rotated and working in XZ for navMesh working.

11. See prefabs.

We talking about Anoxemia:

Щастя, здоров'я


When you travel a lot you need a pillow. It can be very useful to have air pillow in backpack. And all your stuff in safe place under head.