Friday, 21 December 2012

OS: Positive operation system

konstantin dvornik
Are you tired of this boring annoying messages: Error! Not found! Incrorrect! Can't install! Try again! 404! Finally BSOD! ?

Jesus Christ, computers nowadays are so complicated. But why ? People have created problem, and solving  them.It's stupid. So let's create positive OS. With sunny shines, smiles, flower, babies. No annoying messages and problems.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Application idea :: Where to go ?

konstantin dvornik

All we know about maps: GMaps, Apple funny maps, and other local loosy services. Ok you have find the adress of the place that you want to visit, next you should read the map. Boring. Put just an arrow of direction where to go, which synchronized with your GPS location. Thats all simple and easy.

Everyday life idea :: Stuff reminder

konstantin dvornik

Everyone forget something at home: phone, keys, documents, gadgets, money, Xray Laser :)

What if create a special magnite scanner like in supermarket and put codes on a stuff. So if you leave home without needed device you will hear that creepy noise and see the light.