Friday, 21 December 2012

OS: Positive operation system

konstantin dvornik
Are you tired of this boring annoying messages: Error! Not found! Incrorrect! Can't install! Try again! 404! Finally BSOD! ?

Jesus Christ, computers nowadays are so complicated. But why ? People have created problem, and solving  them.It's stupid. So let's create positive OS. With sunny shines, smiles, flower, babies. No annoying messages and problems.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Application idea :: Where to go ?

konstantin dvornik

All we know about maps: GMaps, Apple funny maps, and other local loosy services. Ok you have find the adress of the place that you want to visit, next you should read the map. Boring. Put just an arrow of direction where to go, which synchronized with your GPS location. Thats all simple and easy.

Everyday life idea :: Stuff reminder

konstantin dvornik

Everyone forget something at home: phone, keys, documents, gadgets, money, Xray Laser :)

What if create a special magnite scanner like in supermarket and put codes on a stuff. So if you leave home without needed device you will hear that creepy noise and see the light.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hot girls idea

Long hair
Big eyes
Wet looking. big down lip
Small nose
Sphere looking boobs
Thin hands and legs
Horizontal face
Darkened eyes
Thin neck
White-semi transparent wear

Not hot:
Man-style haircut
Bitch look
Sport wear
Zooming glasses

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Custom online clothing

konstantin dvornik
Imagine web service that give you ability to customize your clothing. You choose color, shape, features  style, material, size and press one button MAKE. Then you pay and wait for delivery. Yeah you may say:  it personal, you should try it before buy...but f**k off, I know what I want, I simply can't find it.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to upload video on Youtube

konstantin dvornik

1. Correct file name  ( fv-alpha.mpg, aaa-256 - wrong, Sweet animals, Hot chics with Linux - right )
2. Correct title
3. Correct Category
4. Pay attention on TAGS and description
5. First lines of description should contain a link like My Blog:
6. Try to upload video from USA, UK and Europe, cuz the biggest auditory will watch it first here
7. Choose the best Thumb from 3
8. Make a video response for related video
9. Post link to the video on cool resource or forum
10. Use social network to make it popular
11. Put nice atmospheric music in video.
12. Don't make people to wait at the begging of the video.


konstantin dvornik
Global Programming Framework

Every day programmers do same work at same time.
Fortunately frameworks like MS .Net and Apple SDK simplified this task a lot.
But anyway a lot of code is still non reusable. 

Lets imagine that we have one global code storage, with all available code of currently existing programs.

That easy if we try.

We open Our development environmen ( Like VS or XCode ). And we have task like create application that do this and that.
"This and that" can be easy task like read text file or render a cube. But what if customer want 3D editor.
Hmmm that quite a huge task that have a lot of subtasks. Some beginners even don't know from what to start.

Next what we do is INVESTIGATION: we are looking for similar 3d editors, looking for patterns, looking for methods and resources.

But what if we enter just one line in code;

3D editor...then we are waiting...for a while...and have propositions downloaded from Internet like


For example we choose 3DSMax and write

3DSMax myMax = new 3DSMax();

Cool isn't ?

But customers always want something special like loading 3D Squirell from URL.

We we gonna do next...

We click on 3DSMax class and Choose import 1st level. Now we have access to globals of 3DSMax Like Application start etc.

Next we should load 3d model on start up. We are looking with search browser inside 3DSMax for Load3DModel. Cool we have founded it.
So we import that stuff. And call it after start up.

Sounds easy. So everyone who writing any code write it to global Cloud server. And anyone in the world have access to this code after you release your product.

You can send any your application without any problems and caring about License but of course all propositions will be sorted by popularity.

Everyday life

konstantin dvornik

Let take small tablet like iPad mini and put it on a hand like watches. With such device we can monitor our health like pressure, oxygen and glycose concentration and stuff like stat. We also can always be in skype and not caring about finding our device in a pocket or somewhere else.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Information idea

konstantin dvornik
Book of the future:
All information packed into a comics tree.

First level: Pictures and text.
Then when you click on a picture you want and see a deeper level.
Pictures and text again. So you can navigate easily throw book.
Very good for references and manuals.
Can be done on iPad via HTML.
All content can be visible like a huge renderable tree.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hot idea

konstantin dvornik

- Short DARK hair cuts
- Beards
- Darkened places under eyes
- Trained body with boxes
- Hairy tors
- Blue eyes
- Long face and nose
- Long hands, fingers
- Tall
- Watches
- Costumes
- Self-sure, clever eyes look
- Dark cloth
- Bad ass
- Symmetry

Not hot:

- Small boots
- Fat ass
- Unfit body
- Zooming glass
- Fat nose
 - Small chin

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Social Idea:

konstantin dvornik

 Easy Success
 Happy Look
 Colors ( rainbows )
 Nature ( grass, sky )
 Health ( Skin, fit look )
 Stuff that reflect
 Huge things
 Destruction and explosions
 Little insane

Not popular:


Main idea of popular: Ability to breed. Everything that helps to breed and continue man kind be popular.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Coding Idea

Highlight code according to date of writing. For example old code with blue and new with green. So we have gradient by date and easy can navigate through code.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Game idea

Computer game where you are the tree...and you grow.

Design idea:

Create blind from optical fiber and connect it to switch. So when internet is working you
can see different nice lighting on a blind.

Toy idea:

Tamagochy device based on neural networks. So you'll be ready to real children.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Education system idea

You start with all the subjects with the same hours.After test the subjects with maximum mark increase in hour and with minimum - decrease.You also can visit classes free, just pass test.

Every day idea

Self-cleaning table. With no dishes, just marked places for food. So you dont need to clean
all that shit. Just put food on the table then after everything push the CLEAN BUTTON, so
table is cleaned automaticaly.

Album design idea:

Blood covered album, with blood of musicians on EVERY disk.

Car idea:

Car with thin rubber body layer, so no scrathes and caring about it

Film idea

First time show the doll... pretty big wood doll named Jack. Jack 50's styled, with a special spring-head that moves up-down, so he agree with everything. Time passed Jack met friends, finished school,collage,married,start to work and became a head of big international company. On the background we see different stories where Jack agree with everything. Jack became old and ugly,some bugs eat him oil is bad on him,he has decayed,and now he looks pretty bad. And one day Jack just stooped move the head. He was broken. People around him was so angry and destroy Jack for this.Now we can see Jack on a city dump.