Sunday, 18 November 2012


konstantin dvornik
Global Programming Framework

Every day programmers do same work at same time.
Fortunately frameworks like MS .Net and Apple SDK simplified this task a lot.
But anyway a lot of code is still non reusable. 

Lets imagine that we have one global code storage, with all available code of currently existing programs.

That easy if we try.

We open Our development environmen ( Like VS or XCode ). And we have task like create application that do this and that.
"This and that" can be easy task like read text file or render a cube. But what if customer want 3D editor.
Hmmm that quite a huge task that have a lot of subtasks. Some beginners even don't know from what to start.

Next what we do is INVESTIGATION: we are looking for similar 3d editors, looking for patterns, looking for methods and resources.

But what if we enter just one line in code;

3D editor...then we are waiting...for a while...and have propositions downloaded from Internet like


For example we choose 3DSMax and write

3DSMax myMax = new 3DSMax();

Cool isn't ?

But customers always want something special like loading 3D Squirell from URL.

We we gonna do next...

We click on 3DSMax class and Choose import 1st level. Now we have access to globals of 3DSMax Like Application start etc.

Next we should load 3d model on start up. We are looking with search browser inside 3DSMax for Load3DModel. Cool we have founded it.
So we import that stuff. And call it after start up.

Sounds easy. So everyone who writing any code write it to global Cloud server. And anyone in the world have access to this code after you release your product.

You can send any your application without any problems and caring about License but of course all propositions will be sorted by popularity.