Thursday, 28 August 2014

Game balance

If you have no experience in building gameplay and your games is too hard or easy for gamers you can you use RANDOM. If all main parameters of your gameplay is set by random function your gameplay will be balanced by statistic of many players. For example you can randomly set Health, Ammo, Shield etc. Of course parameters of your random function like min-max value also should be balanced. But it much more easier.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Development resources

When you create something depending on resources of people who use it you must take in account million things. For example you are creating game. You have a 32 inch monitor and you creating mobile game for iPhone. It is hard to understand that limits if you have no them. Like rich people will never understand poor people, high performance developers will never understand average user. So development computer must be 25 percent more powerful than computer of average user to compensate developing overhead and feel comforting.

Global feedback service

Sometimes we need a lot of feedback. Specially when we start to make something. But if you try to use social networks or YouTube or anything else you will notice that no one care about things you do. At least when you start something. What if create global feedback service where you can showcase art, music, stories, games. Main goal of this service is if you want to showcase something you should review something. It can be organised as money system, but called feedback points.

It mean if you give a lot of feedback you can wait a lot of feedback at your products.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Android idea

How to make to make android cool ?

1. Remove jvm. Leave pure Linux and c++ code only.
2. Make one standard for all devices. I mean same resolution, aspect ratio and hardware
3. Don't support previous version of android at all.
4. Make green light voting system for android apps in google play like steam have.