Saturday, 15 November 2014

Game Idea: Why UI ?

Seriously. UI is a chunk that was developed in deep 70th like the only way to display information about surrounded worlds. But now we have 2014, millions of polygons, complicated light models and computation shaders but still same UI. We can simply display information directly inside game on the Hero, directly inside scene, so why to waste so much money on UI. I like the guys from Skyrim did it - just minimum. And all this games with tons of UI and bad gameplay looks so cheap.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Unity navMesh and rigidbodies

If you ever made navigation with navMesh you probably noticed that navMesh agent won't itteract with Unity physics. NavMeshAgent came through the rigidbodies without any problem. But there is a solution. Calculate path by calling static method of NavMesh.CalculatePath(from,destination, layer, path) then if method returns true, get second point of the path and apply force to your agent in that direction. Do it in every update. That's it. You even can not set navMesh agent, but be carefull with navMesh layer.