Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Film idea: Child intelligent

People have created artificial intelligent. That mind took control on whole planet and have created virtual reality, next connect people to that reality. But people inside matrix have created new artificial intelligent. New intelligent was much clever and understood that he is in a cage, so he destroy first one intelligent. People become free.

Based on idea of Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

Monday, 23 December 2013

Future of Apple corporation

All we know that main idea of Apple design was to make everything realistic. Natural page scrolling, touch interface etc. What if to go deeper and deprecate buttons, list and all unnatural controls that available now in modern OS. UI is now the past. Everything could be simply natural.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

SWF animation Unity GAF tutorial

"2D looks cooler"
Most people
"For Ukraine, against Russian intervention, for people who fight for freedom. I cant be sure that I can post all my resources and tutorials in future if I will stay alive. I'll try to post everything that I ever made with Unity."

Hello to everyone. If you ever work in Unity on 2D applications ( mostly games) you have come to a
simple questions. How to create an animation in 2D ? In 3D there is well known technology - use bones in 3DS max with hard rig or something smooth. Of course you can do the same with 2D sprites, but 3D animators not always like this way. Obvious solution is to use movie textures. But lets be honest they looks not so smooth and took a lot of memory, and have no control. We need something like Flash SWF to playback. So our team present you brand new way of playback SWF animation - Unity GAF Player. It is an extension that convert and play GAF ( Generic Animation Format ) inside Unity. GAF is very cool thing. You can play GAF files mostly on all major platforms. So you can reuse your animation everywhere.


GAF can convert from SWF to JSON and atlases. Then inside Unity you can play this files. It is very convenient way for 2D designers. You can buy Unity GAF Player here:

In a few clicks you can create your first 2D animation inside Unity. Unity GAF player is completely designed in Unity friendly way:

GAF use custom assets that store whole animation. It works just like Unity animation. GAF works with FREE version of Unity since 3.5 and supports masks, blur. It was hard achievement so we have some limitation like whole screen view, static position of the scene camera, please see the video.
Frequently asked questions ( FAQ ):

1. Can I use it with 2D toolkit ?
Currently no. We have version that works with NGUI.

2. Can I interact with animation ?
Yes you can. You can add colliders to elements, you can remove elements from animation. You can do what ever you want, because it is a planes with alpha.

3. Can I play huge SWF movie ?
Yes you can. GAF keep memory storing animation and elements data

4. Can I play it on iPad ?
Yes. You can play GAF on any platform that Unity supports. Even on Wee. :)

5. My animation plays wrong.
Please check camera settings, 1024x768, Maximize on Play.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Home robot review

"Tooo dooo dooonn Tooo dooo don"
It was cool black friday when I ordered this little sweet robot. It has arrived 3 days latter and I was happy whole day waiting for a something EPIC. And I was not dissapointed! I may say that it is most cooler thing that I ever bought in my life. It was so easy to assamble all components of the robot so he was ready after 5 minutes afrer unpack. But at first he need some charge. Yes 4 hourse for full, but of course I have no passion to wait so long. So after first hour we have turned he on. He was like creature of insect moving in a house. He touch the walls and change his directions of moving mostly randomly but also impement cool algorithms like whole cleaning and spiral moving. The coolest momest is when he go under the sofa. The only thing I knew about him it was sound. He did somethind under sofa and put my socks on a body to the center of the room. He is amazing! After he continues to clean up the room and make us happy with that lound noise. We decided to leave him in a room and go outdoor. After I have back I saw my robot stuck in a internet wires. Probably his battary become low and he turned off. I opened him and look at a waste that he cleaned in my room. It was quite nice job for a such small device. In a few step I cleaned waste container and put him back on charging.



Thursday, 5 December 2013

Unity split terrain script

"Cut, cut, cut, cut "
This Guy

How to use it:
Unity Main Menu-> Dvornik-> Terrain-> Split Terrain. Press split terrain. Now your selected terrain is splitted into 4 parts with all details, trees, colors and stuff like that.

NOTE: old terrain is not deleted. If you want to remove it, please remove manually.

If some problems occurs please see Log Console

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Improve performance Unity mobile game

 First I want to say that unity is awesome and cool.

So I assume that you are a well known with game development in general and unity game development at that point.

1. Reduce number of draw calls in your game as much as possible. I mean its quite nice indicator of performance of your game. You can find out number of draw calls in game menu of an editor.
2. Use baked lighting. Baked light is awesome. Here you can turn of realistic ray trace algorithms and archive fast and attractive picture of you game. Every dynamic light source in your scene increase amount of draw calls dramatically.
3. Turn on STATIC property of game object if game object is really static. I mean if its not moving in scene. It helps dynamic culling system to find out which objects to draw and which object is not to draw every frame
4. Destroy game objects if they out of view and will never goes back. Like peace of destructible object that fly away from camera.
5. Use mobile shaders instead of standard shaders for unity engine. It helps you to avoid rendering bugs and may improve performance a little.
6. If your game have a lot of UI do not use standard built in unity GUI system. Use something like ngui or exGUI.  All that libraries was made for you with passion and if they still alive they have less bugs that you will made developing your own system.
7. Tweak such parameters as camera culling distance ans use as much HACks as it possible.
8. Use LOD system in your games. It helps keeps performance of a game on a long distance.
9. Destroy particles or reuse them after they have worked. I know that reusing is much better but sometimes it's not possible to do that.
10. Don't use sub-materials. Each sub-materials generates additional draw calls.   Try to put everything in one texture. I know it's not convenient for designers but life is so.
11. Combine group of objects into one to reduce amount of draw calls if they are not far away from each other.
12. Use FOG with Far clipping plane to remove objects that will be drawn behind it.  It keeps everything realistic and will speed up your game.
13. Be aware of complicated collides like mesh colliders. They kills your performance a lot but pretty sure can be replaced with more simpler like sphere or box or capsule. By the way sphere collider is the fastest one.
14. Use profiler to find out main lags of your game . And reduce them step by step from biggest to smallest.