Monday, 9 December 2013

Home robot review

"Tooo dooo dooonn Tooo dooo don"
It was cool black friday when I ordered this little sweet robot. It has arrived 3 days latter and I was happy whole day waiting for a something EPIC. And I was not dissapointed! I may say that it is most cooler thing that I ever bought in my life. It was so easy to assamble all components of the robot so he was ready after 5 minutes afrer unpack. But at first he need some charge. Yes 4 hourse for full, but of course I have no passion to wait so long. So after first hour we have turned he on. He was like creature of insect moving in a house. He touch the walls and change his directions of moving mostly randomly but also impement cool algorithms like whole cleaning and spiral moving. The coolest momest is when he go under the sofa. The only thing I knew about him it was sound. He did somethind under sofa and put my socks on a body to the center of the room. He is amazing! After he continues to clean up the room and make us happy with that lound noise. We decided to leave him in a room and go outdoor. After I have back I saw my robot stuck in a internet wires. Probably his battary become low and he turned off. I opened him and look at a waste that he cleaned in my room. It was quite nice job for a such small device. In a few step I cleaned waste container and put him back on charging.