Monday, 4 November 2013

Neural Network OS :: Start

Last weekend I've got one thing - I hate computers.

I've started coding at age of 6 on Electronika - 80. It was a big toy that was loading from tape. Whole tape was full of games and Basic. Just one was working - Snake. So've started to code on Basic just to have fun. I have a big colored book about it and my first program was What is your name ? ...type you've typed. Then was Specialist, then ZX-Spectrum, then PC, now Mac and mobile devices. We have created amazing things like 3D game ( and engine ) on assembler periodical IT press, now this blog and now Ukraine outsource job. Taked part in game start-up, taked part in IT conference, studing at University. So what I've learned from all of it.

I'am full of it. I need to change the way how whole world IT industry works, how computer works, hows its going now. I need something principal new. That's why I introduce series of posts dedicated to brand new

Neural Network OS or NOS ( Neuro OS )

In fact I have no idea what to write here. Today I have a one simple thing that came to my head. I knew that OS is basically about memory and hardware management but anyway.

NN - neural network in future so

Lets our NOS have actions like start progrram, start service, show dialog, unload resources, check for updates and many many others.

If fact i want to kill names like programs, services dialog and leave just 3 names ACTION , TIME, OBJECT

Lets introduce 3 types of time:

Global world time.
Time since OS started.
Time since action started.

All we know about boring dialogs like Are you sure that you want to close all tabs in your browser etc. Sometimes it have checkbox like never do it again. Helps a little.

But what if create a neural network that waits til you choose YES or NO for specific ACTION. It learn what you choose and decrease time of self choosing. That's it. After some YES or NO decisions it simply do a decision by itself. It learn on your actions.