Monday, 29 July 2013

Game idea: Playing God

"I don't want to be an angel. I just want to be GOD !!!"
Stone  Sour

You are the god and you can control the planet. I mean whether, rain, thunderbolts and even meteors. Fuck yeahh. Change terrain, kill anyone, birth anyone. Do what ever you want. Cool isn't? And as a God you have your slaves, like a human slaves but others, not so boring and all the time crying bitches. Thea are BIG WHITE SPHERES...No fucking way man, that too much...And this white fuckers have emotions like cry, smile, orgasm and dead state. You fun is simple: you control the planet and they are react on your actions, some like sun, some like rain day or night, you can kill them by the meteor. When they are too happy they looks like they have done and divide into 2. More spheres more fun :)

Have joy and fun.
Konstantin Dvornik