Tuesday, 23 April 2013

RPG Game Ideas

Game actions:

play games(small arcades)
take part in competition(arena)
get laid
rule small army


  play music by hitting keys ( make it easy ),  make money in this way,if the melody is nice you can hear it at other places like be popular music

  make pictures ( nice view of gameworld )  and view it,sold it, share via Facebook

  build your house( you can make it anywhere in game near from the lake )
  grove up something( near water better groving etc. )

  grove up animals and do milk,fur, etc.

  placing objects on map and destroy it with trash available after that

  take credit

  possibility to be a whore(god it be really fun)

  change landscape(ex make a hole after very powerful magic)

  "Fear around" increase with level, so on hi-levels you don't need to kill wolfs,goblins they just escape
when see you.

An old dragon with a scar can speak with anyone, named:'Wirgoof'

Saving method:
If you was killed by someone you're be return to place of your last sleep. So everything you saw was
just a bad dream. Of course you can assess to any place you sleep in game, during game-time and
this beads must be everywhere in the forest like a hunter buildings with bed.