Sunday, 7 April 2013

Avatar 3D mobile application


Download free 3D application with face recognition and cookies:

The idea of this mobile application is very simple:
1. You make the photo.
2. Program build 3D face according to your face.
3. You adjust light, color and position and share with friends

How its works:
1. You make photo of yourself or any other human creatures ( face ).
2. Boooom 3D avatar is ready.
3. Move around your face in 3D space.

The UI is designed very clear

Move light - checks when you want to move the light by your fingers
Scale the avatar - easy to understand isn't
Move the avatar - same

Light color - seriously, seems like I don't need to describe it at all:)

Take a shot - not hit somebody but make a photo

Save avatar - save to your SD card current looks of your avatar.

Setting - face recognition system settings.

And of course preview of that stuff. 

Some examples:

1. Install application
2. Run it
3. Take a photo
4. Click process
5. Adjust your avatar
6. Save on SD

By the way you can determine your face type by this program. Round, Oval, or Square you will get it easy.

Have joy and fun. Eat food. Love puppies.

konstantin dvornik