Sunday, 16 March 2014


Good time everyone!

So imagine a story of a king that lived in a hard time of his country, and closer to the end of his rule he decide to make some really wierd stuff to save control in his hands, year by year he starting to be more of a single man, he cleared all his servants and change them, to new ones, so everyone forgot how king trully look like, and than he put an imposter insted of himself on throne and start to rule from his name, but everyone still thinking that this is a true king, so then, he use his old connections money and power and create a group of people that are going to start a riot against the king and make a revolution to change king from one to another, and he using his power and money lead people to make a revolution killing all central persons in kingdom and an imposter, and become a new ruler with different name and slitly different apperiance, no beard short hair and so.

The flow of a story can be changed or managed in any way, but the point is that a smart king seeing that peopel start to hate him decide not to wait a revolution but create it by himself lead it and still being a ruler of this landes, crazy plot twist!

For main character it can be like in the begining he is working and helping king than he change his side to the revolution, and than in the end finding out that this was the same person all the time!

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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