Sunday, 9 March 2014

World Idea

We all love nature so much. We say it cool and awesome. Let think deeper. I mean there is no fairness in nature, no love, no care - simple mechanism of breeding and die where bigger fish eating smaller fish, where creatures kill each other just to be first.  Such things like lie is present and came from nature like faked flowers and skin masking. Even YOU is a spermatozoid that was first. Of course human is not placed correctly in whole ecosystem of Earth.

Maybe humans is creatures from other planets where system of life is totally different. There is one goal in our life - stay alive. If we put other goals we can change the whole life system. Of course it cannot be Earth. Now I can't imagine such system. System with totally different rules and goals.

On the planet Earth is working egoism theory where everyone is thinking about itself come to development of population. But maybe there is an other system like John Nash proposed where everyone thinking about itself and others came to more success.

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