Thursday, 13 March 2014

Save and Load game in modern games

A lot of games have a save/load game feature, but if we look closer it can be considered as a cheating or as a big opportunity for player, I mean its like movie with Cage where he can see future and change his decisions based on this knowledge, so it is a great power, its even stronger than chekpoints, chekpoints is more like, your hero is immortal, but that is, but with save/load you can check future and than return in time and make another decision.

Well, from this point it will be interesting to put this feature in game to be a part of lore of the game, for example just imagine an first person action game, and hero have some sort of artifact or instrument to go back and forth in time just like some prince from very dusty land, but its more like hand driven mechanism, you need to interact with it to return back, why so? Well imagine just a this kind of a situation you have game playing it and have this save load feature thet presented in this a little bit wierd way, and in the middle of a game there is a cutscene, enemys are chasing you, trap you and get your and in the cutscene a main character trying to return back in time load game but in the moment when you start to rotating mechanism enemies grab your hands and you cant load game, and then they took this mechanism from you and you have several levels without save and load game, the point is to make something to surprise player, to take away the feeling that he safe and always has a chance to travel back and load game, and here its is, this is an idea, thank you for reading :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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