Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Idea for story and game as a Sci-fi stealth action

I'll go straight from the beginning so. There is a spaceship a size of a big city and there is a an empire that this ship belong to and there is rebels, the goal of rebel, as a rebels, is strigth clera, they are rebels, duh, but, game starts when you as an trained agent are transported to lover levels of the ships to the cargo bay, ship is devided by levels that go from lover to higher, the higher it goes higher the secirty level and more people are there, in game you are not using weapon of any kind, but your suit and hands and skills, so the suit is a high tech stealth suit that can make you almost invisible for a short duration, or make a holographic projection around so you will look like other person, but to do that you need to engage with him close enough. You can:
 Hide from patroling guards and security cameras
 Unlock cases and lockers to get extra stuff
 Steal stuff from people, keycards and so
 Knock out people for a short duration but its strongly recomended that you will not
 You can hack computers on a station ti get intel passwords and so
 You can change your look by using you stealth suit
 You are very agile and can jump and climb higher than ordinary person

You cant use weapons or other stuff to kill people, and this is a main point you cant do so, you need always to hie and find an easy way, each level is a logic puzzle that you need to solve to perform a best result in time and attention level. But with higher levels gameplay will start to go in another direction with more civilised levels where most people live it will go to the social stealth and puzzels will start to become more like speak with this guy steal this find an suit to be able go here and so, and on higher levels it will be more like diplomatic stuff, you will go to the meetings will play roles of other real peoples like real agents do, gather intel from thei databooks and so

The main point of this game is to show evolution process of an agent, first its like an primitive tribes time, if they see you they will hunt you, than it goes to the medieval times where you can go outside and with proper look no one will find out that you are from other "kingdom" and the last levels its modern times when noone can say for sure who you really can trust and who is an agent, I hope you get the idea right :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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