Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New cool sci-fi story

We have an secret school with kids that are trained from the little to be a soldier an elite soldier to be sure that you understand the point, boys are going to military training course from birth till 18 and girls that going to the tactical historical technical and all supportive like training, what the point is, the kids are taken not randomly, scientist take perfectly complementar kids so they will be sure they can trick them with love staus, how it works one time of trainig they make a meeting boy with girl and scientis also use drugs in food and all this biological and psycological stuff to make them love from first site, for a boy who never saw a girl this will be the best that he can imagine with girls same story from their side, all this stuff are going durning all studying process meetings each X time and teachers and trainers can use it like an control for both of them, for example, bad results, no meeting. But this is only the begining! After the traingin is over they(scientist or military whatever) connect pair with a neuro chip so they can communicate with each ither very fast and boys are going to the battlefield (not the battlefield 4 like ) on a planet and girls are goes to the orbital station that floats around the planet just above the battleground and girls became an angels-saviours for soldiers on field, tehy track their health, mental and phisical, help with intel and tactical information and so, and boys are have a strong motivation to finish the objective, cause then they can meet their angels, and after war they can go and live together a perfect live, awesome! nya ^_^ BUT if soldier decide to flee from battlefield, angel will be tourtured automaticly and all that will hear, see, and maybe fell soldier, well cruel but efficent. And here can go two plot twists in the first line all ended great main character win the ar meet the angel and they live happy and long life (booooooriiiing) OR all that meeting stuff was a play with one actrss and there is no REAL angels in skyes its all recorded voices and main character goes all crazy about it and goes to revange scientists and so OR there is a girls, BUT the are in chambers closet in some kind stasis and they are cant be taken out of there, so yeah main character goes crazy again and goes to avange system )

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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