Sunday, 16 February 2014

Just some Sci-fi story 3

So, our hero are moving through the desert fighting mutants and animals with his squad but, he finds out that the radio signal from scientist was a trap, a tribe of raiders find this radio and use it to lure survivers that will pick up a signal (its not a voice recorded signal, just some bips and bops) after all this disappointment and fighting with raiders and so, our squad are moving to the place where this radio was found (they recive an information about it from the raiders leader, after some, mmmm... conversation:) ) and there they meet in a long distance a high tech squad that appear from nowhere and disappear faster then they was able to move closer to them, they find the crush site, but only by little ground markings on the ground, ther was no spaceship or wreckage of it well and from this start the story is open for player or for writer to fill it with some interesting fillers like always, and abswers for all questions and further story development: the nuke war was started by the mars goverment via some agents on earth, this will find out our main character durning his traveling around the globe on his infantry transport unit (I didnt say it before, they have some transport, cause in other way its stupid :) and it also based on this crystal technology) also main character will find out that this squad with high tech weapon that ther spot near the crush site is rests of an Earth government military force, and that the field around the earth is their work to hide that their civilization is still alive, main character finds a big underground citys that was build durning the long term cold war between mars and earth and that they have advanced technologys and a lot of people and force and ready to strike back and destroy the currupted mars goverment and restore their rule, main character take their side and figths on mars to make a new revolutiion and take down the mars goverment.

So here it is, a little story plot with twists and turns and with empty spaces in between to fill it with interesting little side quests :)

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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