Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Game Idea: KYIV

3rd person role playing game of Skyrim, Gothic, Witcher setting with open world about ancient time of Kievan  Rys.

1. Time of actions 998 year.
2. Gather Kievan Rys lands.
3. Revolutions.
4. Paganism magic system based of Gods and runas of that time: Perun, Yarilo etc.
5. Network based non-liner quest system.
6. Automatic network quest system generation.
7. Weapon of Kievan Rys.
8. Level and characters design based on historical documents and facts.
9. Wars support. ( crowd AI  ~ 500 character per war scene )
10. Native Ukrainian vegetation like Podorojnik ( + HP )
11. No GUI in game
12. Book writer as quest writer.
13. Middle graphics. ( more focused on story ).
14. Christianity and paganism opposition at that period.
15. Charismatic non customizable protagonist.

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