Monday, 3 February 2014

Dear developers

Dear developers of net based games (MOBA, MMORPG, Shooters and so).

Every time when on forum some players start to make a wave of hate like, change this or change this! This is stupid, make it like this, and their argument will be like, "I paid for this game and this is what I get? Change it!" well in this situation, just imagine on the place of a game another product, like book or picture, anyone who bought a book cant ask author to rewrite some story cause it look stupid from the point of this guy, or so, cause they bought a book, they paid for it already, and there is a lot of people who bough this book and they have NO problem with this part of story, why should author rewrite something? He shouldn't, or imagine an picture in a museum and after buying a ticket one dude decides to find an author of an exhibition and say to him something like: "Dude, I saw a picture that you draw, and this tree behind house on the right, see, its sucks, can you change it? I got a ticket, so I think I have right to ask for it" sounds a little bit stupid isn't it? Well, but why it must be different with games? Always with this kind of stuff look how many people agreed with patch or changes and how many is angry and have an issues, if in a game of 100 000 people playing 1000 asking to change something Cause they pay for the game, well, screw them, lets start to put a disclaimers like, you bought a game for your own risks don't complain :)

P.S. Of course Im talking about some changes patches and rebalances, not about bugs glitches and so that kind of stuff Must be fixed.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk

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