Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Story or Sci-fi technology Idea

After watching this little comic sketch I came up with idea like, so long story short the point is we have an virtual reality simulator that building up a game/film/story based on our memory, ideas and fantasys, how it works? On a computer you select for an example two weeks and computer will analyse memory and information that was given by this life span and will generate over it a game or so, but, what ther trick? For an example I want to live in a book that I liked with an actors that I think match story best, so what I do, Im reading the book associating characters with real actors, and I look at photos of this actors, read technichal documentary for sci-fi for example or history books look a pictures of places where I think the book stroy will fit the best, and then when I plug computer in and take all VR equipment I just say computer, take memory from this time period, and you will have a story of your book how You imagine it whith your friends from real life like friends of main character in book and foes as a school teachers or your top manager :) the story where technology based on what YOU know and understand and story that goes in a way that YOU want. But this is idea for a story or so, so here is example:
main character see all movie and awesome story but he dont remember that this is a VR simulation cause computer blocks all memory that not connected with story and world, this will allow make it more alive and real and then main character wakes up in room from a story and camera goes circle around the room and we see all references that inspired the story in the VR like in Wizard Oz story< I have an wonderful dream, and ther was you adn you and even you my old AT-T model from Star Wars(not and ad:) )

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk