Friday, 31 January 2014

Lets make peace post apocalyptic story!

Hello there! Today our theme will be, post apocalyptic world, so the idea is the unknown virus kills almost every human being on Earth dolphins and some chimps (just for balance :) ) and the point of this story is not he ordinary one, its not about cannibalism, murders, raiders, looters, zombies, mutants, and all this stuff that already so annoying! The questions is WHY!? Why if there is some sort of end of the world storywriter decide: "Well! Yeah! Now I will go all crazy over this world, lets just murder people for fun or for social reason, yeah! So fun! So crazy and despaired! Im so awesome!" STOP doing that lets imagine a world that contain mostly smart or logical people, cause I don't know how about you my fellow reader but I'll never go all murderus crazy over other people if apocalypses of that kind strike, Ill try to avoid any kind of that stuff, and only for one little but strongly logical reason, its has NO SENSE, Ill lose my energy resources and other stuff just trying to get it from other people, when I can spend it just to make my own place to live and manage to get food from other resources, but we are going to far from story! So, there is this virus that take down almost all people over the world, what we have now: no industry, no farms, no hospitals and stuff, so my point is that people starts to build up a caravans, and point of this caravans not in the searching and collecting or transporting goods (cause they are all over the places now, food and tools are free now that are very time resistant some tuna cans beans and stuff, you know, DayZ stuff so the story is going around one of this caravan that goes from town to town and collecting people to move them to capital where most of survivors are already, and the point of this story and questions over it, what people will do if there is so few of them (I mean like 100-500 people per big city) and how they will communicate and rebuild civilization, mystery around this virus and stories of protection against wild life that goes much more wilder after humans disappearing :)

So, main points of interest to remember:
No crazy and unnecessary violence almost no kills from people to people
No zombies mutants and all this crazy stuff
For the gods sake NO cannibalism and slave traders 
NO illogical and stupid decisions of characters, everything must going by this rules:
 I must survive
 I must preserve my mental and physical energy
 I must find a social group and place where I can fell safe
 I must not create an empty conflict from no reason If it can harm a social group
 I must put my ambitions somewhere deep inside of me so this will not go against my first rule
 I must follow the storywriter :)

WE can also use it for example for creation a game like SimCity but the goals is, find resources, construct city on a base of existing one or on a plane ground, find peoples in other cities and attract other from wasteland with high life quality of my city  and protect it from wild life and environmental disasters, and build an industry of some kind and move science forward, like you can find books and documents in other cities, or you can find or attract a scientist or an good engineer to your city and so on.

Andrey "Ater" Goncharuk