Monday, 22 February 2016

Re-Thinking 3D

When I started 3D ( modeling, texturing ) etc. I thought that mesh makes the most visual impact. I was trying hard in ZBrush etc., when making rocks and stuff like this. Then make high detailded 3d terrains. But they was not so good. I leaved 3D later.

During making of Skyship Aurora we make sattelite based terrains and I found out that not detailed shape of heightmap is not a big problem. Seriousle the most important thing is texture because of lack of real lighting in the game we can use just use high detailed prebaked textures. I turned back to the laser scanned images and found out that time a lot of models now available at Sketchfab. I found this and understood that even grass can be look realistic withour actual grass just a texture:

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