Thursday, 25 February 2016

Interesting procedural generation

Procedural generation is common thing in computer industry. Procedural terrains, procedural quests, procedural weapon. But one thing that have all procedural things - they are boring. Boring terrains, boring quests, boring weapon. And it obvious, because any procedural generation have Gaussian distribution law that boring too. They only way to make procedural things interesting apply some rules like generated fractals, cool terrains with erosion. But anyway they boring as boring rules. But why this world, this life is not so boring ( commonly ) because rules applied many times and they are very balanced, that not destroying whole system just modify it. I found it when make some Neural Network Animation. This rules in real life - Physics, they applied at any very small part of the world and affect big huge connected structures. Creating such rules is not easy stuff they should be balanced, so creating random things like weapon or room in dungeon crawler is a same work as premade prefabs. Balance :)