Sunday, 15 September 2013

Global mind game

Today I was travel from Koktebel jazz festival by train and have notice that lots of people spend their free time on playing games. Most of them was mobile games. I never play games or read something on free time. You can fight with me and say that tablets is not a toy but millions of people use it like a toy. If most of people use it like a toy so it is a toy. But toys can be usefull. When someone play a game he spent a lot of brain resources on solving not so easy task that was hardly coded and created by game designers. I don't thing that smahing fruits or pushing pigs into an air can be very productive. You can fight with me again and say that computer games help to improve reaction, logic or etc. but in fact no. It's just time and life wasting thing. But it's funny and make people happy. What if combine work and happiness together and make every brain in the world work like the one. What if make game usefull, convert hard computation boring tasks into a something colored, funny what make happiness.