Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Future of Unity 3D Graphics

When I'am creating scene in Unity i take in account thousands details like two-sided shader for transparent geometry, ambient light, correct billboarding, normal mapping direction and more. Have you ever think that's all of it is just a PEACE OF SHIT. This is wrong road...Wrong road we move...3D graphics is really simple thing: mesh and light.Image that we gonna create same trees and grass in real world from paper. Still looks ok in real life. Because of raytraced light. Light is the thing that make geometry real. So why millions and millions of designers should fuck-up their brains trying to find faked equilibrium. Every new solution make the whole system more and more complicated and if we will not change the way we do graphics we will loose war for photorealism.


Future is simple more polygons and bounced light.

So I've made such kind of scene in Unity where trees not a crazy plane monsters...

I think we should leave faked graphics like bill boarding and came to full polygonal graphics with realtime bounced light model in games, This tress contain every pin on their own polygon. With such scene I can navigate with ok fps in Unity

 Some additional resources.
DOWNLOAD pinetree 3D model used in benchmark:



Unity 5 is very promising in terms of creating cool physics based lighting. So I've made a quick test of SpeedTree support and got this:

Looks good and wind is working awesome but anyway lots of billboards. Next I'am going to test all new cool Unity lighting with real meshed trees like at the top of the post.