Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Network theory of everything

Matter is well explained as lots of smallest particles, but there is no proved well explained theory of a field. String theory is thing that could really help with it but looks like a special case anyway. So I suddenly composed lot of experience in different science fields and came to Network theory. It is extremely clear and simple, but powerful at same time.

Main point:

Everything consists of smallest elements and connections. 

That's mean that our matter is a networks of lots of elements and connections. Smallest particles is a elements and connections and the most extreme thing - physics of our Universe is a elements and connection. I suppose that exist Universe with absolutely different physics according to topology of a network. Even more our Universe is connected with such different Universe or can be a sub-universe.

Main things that came from this theory:

- Everything is connected
- No random events, just hard reason events
- There is can be Universe where time travel or speed bigger than light is possible but we have no prove it is our Universe or not.
- Physics laws may change locally or globally, but obviously we can do it just for sub-networks. Our up-level network can change laws in our system.

Such theory guarantee that all laws is combined and exists more common law for each sub-Universe.

What is the element, connection and how this stored or looks like still not explained.