Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Witcher Display Driver Stopped Responding

Witcher 3 Display driver stopped responding and has recovered was related to NVidia GPU but this happened to me at AMD HD5870 and Windows 10 Technical Preview

I've tried a lot of different methods but those one was not found anywhere and it's helped me.

1. Download AMD 12.10 Display Drivers here:

Yeah it is very old drivers but I believe they are not updated major things since that time for HD 5xxx series.

2. Unplug Internet or Turn off Internet.

3. Uninstall driver at Device Manager in Uninstall and check remove all related software.
This will make windows working with no drivers at all and in device manager you will see VGA display adapter instead of your GPU.

4. Install old display drivers.

5. Go to Troubleshooting panel of Win 10 and do Recover Startup where Force Not to Check driver signature ( because drivers are old they are not digitally signed for Win 10 ).

6. Start Witcher 3. At that moment it works well all the time.

7. Plug Internet it will update some drivers files to 5/22/2015

8. Play Game.