Friday, 16 January 2015

Game Idea: Emotions

Most modern games have emotions like fear, angry etc. But what if games will have simulated love and humor. Probably the most complicated emotions. Love is have some patterns, but humor will be the hardest because it based on knowledge that should be simulated too.

Imagine the RPG where you have small team ( about 7 people ( they all just gameobjects for me :D ) and at that team you will have relations, if we have 3 man and 4 women here.

If you man, you can be loved by many but you can love one.
If you woman you can be loved by many and can love many.

Man and human will have about 10 parameters like keys. User will not see this keys, but AI will use this randomly generated keys for simulate relationship. This keys will affect look of a heroes like eyes color, voice, world vision etc.

All knowledge in the game will be splited into ATOMS. This array of atomic events will describe knowledge. With this paramets we can generate 30% of truly knowledge what will be humored.